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To become one of the largest in MAL
To appreciate Anime
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Anime Opening Favorite
6 replies by SamuraiSx »»
07-04-10, 8:44 AM
Favorite Anime so far
2 replies by Valkyrian »»
04-26-10, 8:19 AM
Anime ending favorites
2 replies by Kemyanime »»
04-07-10, 1:21 PM
Favorite Manga of all time
0 replies by Valkyrian »»
03-11-10, 5:21 AM
best read manga.
8 replies by Valkyrian »»
03-11-10, 5:18 AM

Club Comments
bleachman99 | 07-08-11, 3:52 PM
plz watch these funny videos i made with my friends outside of school there really funny and i need to help with the views thanks u

Valkyrian | 02-01-10, 8:24 AM
welcome new club members i hope this club will keep on growing.

Kemyanime | 01-30-10, 7:35 PM
Skullisk should thanking me for promotion and think of a topic

XzaR | 01-27-10, 7:53 AM
You are welcome :)

Valkyrian | 01-27-10, 7:50 AM
thnx xzar that is a bigg change from the other pic

XzaR | 01-26-10, 2:34 PM
Thanks, I can see if I can make a quick logo if you want.

Valkyrian | 01-26-10, 2:21 PM
if anyone has a good pic to add on to club pics let me know. or you could probably add it your self.

Valkyrian | 01-26-10, 1:44 PM
hello xzar its good to meet you and welcome to Anime Obsession!

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