It stands for Hate.Rem.Society!!For all people who Rem think is a big fat evil stinking because she killed L!!!!!or if u don't like her for some other reason.

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Why do u hate Rem???????
3 replies by Doggie-Chan »»
02-20-08, 6:47 PM

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Amaya-Kiro | 01-03-08, 7:49 PM

see im funny......i have an idea

MonkeyDLuffyGir | 01-01-08, 8:30 AM

Amaya-Kiro | 01-01-08, 8:17 AM
you do it....XD

jk jk

MonkeyDLuffyGir | 12-31-07, 8:21 PM
We need more members plz invite your friends^_^

Amaya-Kiro | 12-06-07, 2:26 PM
she shouldnt even be in our minds at this moment..........thats good.........and im still hping her death will be very soon *lol*

what_ever | 12-05-07, 10:18 PM
to die is not enough...her existence should be erased!

Amaya-Kiro | 12-05-07, 2:11 PM
thats just wrong.........more people should hate that......that...asshole....that shinigami NEEDS to die!


what_ever | 12-05-07, 12:20 PM
are there really only 3 people who are hating rem?!
Cant believe it...

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