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Club Discussion
Sticky: [OPEN] Member cards ! Request them here for the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Fan Club... ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
462 replies by InfiniteZero »»
01-14-14, 5:43 AM
Poll: Do You Like ED1 or ED2 of Season 2?
1 replies by OngPQ »»
11-05-13, 9:08 AM
What are the requirements?
0 replies by sbyrstall »»
08-01-13, 5:34 AM
Poll: Do You Like OP1 or OP2 of Season 2?
0 replies by tsubasalover »»
06-28-13, 7:39 AM
Second Season: Reviews so far??
0 replies by sbyrstall »»
04-20-13, 7:08 AM

Club Comments
JeffreyZin | 02-09-14, 4:48 PM
Trying to light up my mood by watching this:-

Shadetouch | 12-19-13, 8:10 AM
Accelerator manga might be released in english by sevenseas, the same whos releasing railgun. Im learing in order to read the novels, which i think wont be licenced.(also because i like reading the physical ones), i enjoy collecting the original stuff too

Luki_Shirinkato | 12-19-13, 8:08 AM
how i can get the member card?
i have write my post to the topic about it...
but i don't get the member card until now...

what i wrong,
or maybe the admin is still busy

"sory for my bad english"

Luki_Shirinkato | 12-19-13, 8:05 AM
i know that, but why you must learn japanese for read the manga of accelerator?
if i know, i think the mangafox will be translate them to english for we (the fan of to aru series "i mean")

so we can read them...

Shadetouch | 12-16-13, 6:00 PM
I did read the manga , its awesome to read something is not aired yet (hope it will) i really like the mentalout arc.

The Index novels, well, i dont like to read them online, and its difficult they re going to be licenced because there are a lots of vols till now, and its a bigger risk for the one who licence it, still i hope Yenpress release them someday..other way ill learn japanese till i can read them.

The manga of accelerator u mean?

Luki_Shirinkato | 12-11-13, 5:38 AM
but can any one know why the manga to aru majutsu no index not been realease again?

JeffreyZin | 12-10-13, 11:11 PM
Hey guys. Seems there's more To Aru fans here in this club.

Perdien | 12-10-13, 9:08 PM
emm.. for me, i can't read novel, because there is no picture, and it hurt my eyes when i read it, so i just read the manga version.. XP

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