ACROSS (Anime Club Regional Organization Serving SIUE)

Anime Club Regional Organization Serving SIUE (ACROSS) was SIUE's official anime club from 2004 to 2007. It always had problems with too few members and everybody being too apathetic to get projects done, but we did stay together and watch a lot of anime over the years. We also take yearly trips to Anime Central and split room/transportation costs, as well as just making friends with people at school that you have similar interests to!

2010-2011 will be the best year of ACROSS ever. Probably.

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Club Discussion
Theme Night - Western
1 replies by angryaria »»
01-25-11, 5:10 PM
Theme Night - Samurai
0 replies by angryaria »»
01-25-11, 5:09 PM
Theme Night - Super Robots
0 replies by angryaria »»
01-25-11, 4:50 PM
Theme Night - Bad First Impressions
0 replies by angryaria »»
01-25-11, 4:43 PM
Theme Night - SHAFT
0 replies by angryaria »»
01-25-11, 4:33 PM

Club Comments
angryaria | 02-01-11, 2:29 PM
Let's get some discussion in the forum!

NecroSeraphim | 10-07-10, 7:30 PM

Anime Central a big convention in Chicago is requesting the affection of anime clubs, thought you ought to know

Burningsirius | 07-31-10, 11:40 PM
2010-2011 will be the best year for Across? I believe so. I will ooze anime knowledge all over the place. My power level is maximum.

Burningsirius | 07-29-10, 1:40 PM
I am nearing my 10 days of anime watched. Once I get to 111 days I will of completed my goals. Anyone else watched that much?

Burningsirius | 06-13-10, 1:56 PM
add ten days to your list. heh, sorry if i wasnt specific about that.

angryaria | 06-05-10, 9:26 AM
you mean this summer, or total? Cause you've already seen 91 days, and I'm at 49 myself...

Burningsirius | 05-22-10, 5:43 PM
For those that use MAL frequently ANIMU CHALLENGE! Watch 10 days worth of anime.

ClesOne | 05-08-10, 1:51 PM
Have a good summer break everybody

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