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Poll: Will there be another Eureka series?
0 replies by KingMarshall »»
08-21-13, 3:16 PM
Eureka Seven: Ao something you may have not noticed.
2 replies by Cerberus-Kun »»
06-01-13, 8:32 AM
What makes E7 outstanding ?
10 replies by Tommk »»
04-16-13, 6:19 PM
Which one is your favourite E7 episode ?
15 replies by Geeyan »»
03-12-13, 6:30 AM
Who Was Your Favorite Eureka SeveN Character And Why?
19 replies by shiranui51 »»
03-11-13, 12:31 PM

Club Comments
Eka | 08-07-13, 1:19 PM
Hopefully FUNimation picks it up for re-release since they've got AO. I'd like a BD of E7 as well.

RegenX | 08-06-13, 3:00 PM
I miss E7 ... I want a HD bluray edition !

Cerberus-Kun | 05-13-13, 1:58 PM
I loved the Series Eureka Seven for several years now, the movie was an acquired taste, but oh lord the bullshit it E7Ao was too damn high.But overall E7Ao was an alright anime, not one I recommend, unless you want to read & see everything Eureka Seven !

tom-a-hawk96 | 05-13-13, 4:52 AM
Loved this series and ao was all-right kinda was like all other mecha anime but interesting with different times and all that inter dimensional time travel etc but the series overall is just great i don't care if its crap just continue the series forever ^.^

CurryIsSoHot | 03-23-13, 8:26 PM
omfg ao is all about fighting like a major let down it kinda ruins the whole character development theme that eureka seven (original) produced its sad in my opinion they could have done way better... •.•"!!!

shiranui51 | 03-15-13, 1:45 PM
I also really liked the movie even if it wasn't as good as the original anime.
Again AO is crap !

Nietono | 03-15-13, 1:08 PM
Nope, don't watch Eureka Seven AO. This anime is just crap! Same goes with the movie!

CurryIsSoHot | 03-15-13, 12:56 PM
@anstoli ur right lawl its good in its own way lawl