We love Winter and Snow in Anime

There are so many animes where, at some point, main characters go to beach to swim or in spring to look at cherry blossoms.
But only very few have winter episodes, or better, whole series is set to winter.

Main point of this club is to inform other members of upcoming snowy animes/mangas and discuss them together, or just share the love of snow, hail and winter.

Please request animes/mangas/characters that should be added to Club Relations.

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Introduce yourself :3
3 replies by Smokeythee »»
11-03-10, 5:46 PM

Club Comments
Tracer_Senpai | 08-07-10, 5:15 PM
Sup fellahs

moebius | 06-21-10, 2:23 PM
ello :3

Kaskoda | 12-07-09, 10:21 PM
yeah this club is sorta dead and the list never gets updated, soi wouldn't bother really, no one seems to talk here

enerjak | 12-07-09, 11:33 AM
lovecom has many snow and winter scenes
why is it in the list

WingedWolf24 | 11-18-09, 6:53 PM
another anime to add to list with snow eps is Candy Boy! =)

Finstergeist | 11-18-09, 6:47 AM
Hmm... I don't remember any snow in Spice and Wolf 1. And BTW, some episodes of Welcome To NHK! have snow.

Kaskoda | 11-14-09, 3:44 PM
Hey, new here =3

Darker than black season 2 has snow all through it so far, yay for me.

winter's the best, especially when drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter's morning, don't really have any snow around here in Australia, but i like it better than dying because of the heat.