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this is for people who just luv princess tutu.....

^^ join if you want

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Which pairings are your favourite?
31 replies by ever-green »»
09-25-12, 9:48 PM
favorite dance
2 replies by ever-green »»
09-25-12, 9:45 PM
Spreading the Princess Tutu Love.....
4 replies by ever-green »»
09-25-12, 9:43 PM
Do you perfer to call her Duck or Ahiru
13 replies by ever-green »»
09-25-12, 9:37 PM
favorite character
26 replies by ever-green »»
09-25-12, 9:33 PM

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johnmdws3 | 10-15-11, 6:21 AM
I have the manga saved on my flash drive. I have read the manga and I didn't like it at all, I liked the anime version better. I had a brilliant idea for one of my stories that I'm writing as a prequel to the show, have one of the beloved characters in their past be the parent of Drosselmeyer's illegitimate child, the descendant on Aotoa's family tree that's marked out through which he is an indirect descendant of Drosselmeyer.

moichispa | 08-28-11, 6:31 AM
Just finished this great anime. Too bad people almost don't know about it

HazukiSama | 09-11-10, 9:52 PM
Yeah the manga isn't good, but it's still part of the Tutu world.

FallnKnightFakir | 09-11-10, 9:51 PM
I recall seeing plenty of the manga at Otakon, maybe check out a convention for it?

But why would you want the manga in the first place? The anime came first here, it can't fit into two manga volumes correctly!

HazukiSama | 09-08-10, 8:46 PM
I was able to buy vol.1 of the manga the other day in a used books store....but to find vol.2 would be place to find it is online......or be lucky to find in an old bookstore......or read online?

LeMONadEice | 09-08-10, 11:41 AM
to anyone who sees this message: where can i find and order the 2 volumes of princess tutu? :33

i know it's a hard question, and don't know why they stopped re-printing the manga (why did they stop reprinting the manga, btw?) but i reeeeaaaally want the manga XD so, anyone, please answer

HazukiSama | 03-02-10, 8:58 PM
Yes! I strongly agree! PT is one of my all time fav animes~

Yammin | 03-01-10, 11:27 PM
It is a beautiful story, probably the ultimate fairytale.

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