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Poll: September's Club Mascot
3 replies by »»
Sticky: Online Games you play
10 replies by »»
Sticky: Gammer Tags
7 replies by King-Alucard »»
01-17-10, 5:18 PM
Character/anime relations
2 replies by pluto-kun »»
11-22-09, 7:49 PM
Metal Gear Solid 4
1 replies by Rebella »»
08-03-09, 6:48 AM

Club Comments
BlazingDevil | 08-25-09, 11:51 PM
it's because I was away from mal. Everyone just thought it wouldn't be worth it to come here if I wasn't here for them to bask in my awesomeness ;P lols jking

angeleyes112383 | 08-24-09, 10:29 PM
a very inactive 50 though

BlazingDevil | 08-23-09, 5:48 PM
we're at fifty! yay!

angeleyes112383 | 08-09-09, 7:40 AM
ONce we reach 50 members I will get things set up for the first game competition.

BlazingDevil | 08-07-09, 1:02 PM
no but I'm getting them sept. 3 and god knows I need them

Rebella | 08-05-09, 1:04 AM
really? You must have braces ever since you had teeth xDDD

BlazingDevil | 08-03-09, 12:17 PM
for me it doesn't suck much cause my dad's my dentist

angeleyes112383 | 08-03-09, 8:41 AM
Hi rebella, ouch that does suck

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