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I created the Lolicon Defense Task Force back in April 2007 in response to another lolicon website and their disgusting pro-pedophile shit. Of course, back then the LDTF was the USDL(United States Department of Lolicon). 3 name changes and 5 Deputy Directors later, I have decided to shut down the LDTF. It could make a come back in the future, but it does not look that way. I want to thank everybody for their hard work or support in the LDTF. I wish you all the best on your future endeavors.

-Director Akemi Mokoto(Username: Lolicon) on July 29, 2012

PS: The Lolicon News twitter and LDTF MyAnimeList group(where we were born) will remain open.

[NOTICE: We lost our list for a 2nd time due to an error. We will re-add everything in due time]

Welcome to the Lolicon Defense Task Force's on MAL. The Lolicon Defense Task Force(LDTF) acts as a defense task force for Lolicon and it's Fans. We are pro-lolicon/anti-pedophile. Once again, we are NOT a pro-pedophile group and we will NOT tolerate such people. If you are a pedophile, keep it to yourself. Now sure if you are a pedo? Well, by our standards, if you want to do bad things to real kids, you are a pedo. If you are only attracted to the anime characters, then you are not. THIS is the website where the LDTF was born. On 4/21/2007 the LDTF was created under the name "United States Department of Lolicon". We thank MAL for being so tolerant of us for so long.

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Lemon People, Manga Burikko, and Comic LO, Comic Rin, Comic Unreal, Comic Megastore, and Comic 0EX

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Yumekichi11 | 07-14-11, 11:06 AM
Thanks for invite and yeah we should protect the loli fiction.

Crypticangel | 02-08-11, 7:55 PM
hello i jus joined :)

Azathoth | 09-15-10, 11:15 PM
Feels nice to have someone agree with your life ;D

SanyaLitvyak | 09-15-10, 4:24 PM
Yes Lolis = awesome life

Azathoth | 09-15-10, 3:38 PM
Oh yes. That's what we all live for.

Kita-san | 09-15-10, 2:09 PM

Zanga | 06-17-10, 8:58 AM
...And let the loli live

lolicontim666 | 05-13-10, 10:22 AM

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Created: Apr 21, 2007

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Lolicon (Creator)

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