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Zukane said:
Raise the Curtain for Madness, Love, and Hate.


Nife801 said:
~Anyone who doesn't join this club devoted to this awsome girl is out of they're mind...please remove that shit from my club before I sue your ass zuki!~

CeroStrife said:
I have no idea what to say. You deserve this Zukane. Here's to Senior year and college.

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Pointless thoughts
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09-22-10, 5:04 PM
Poll: How did You meet Zukane...?
11 replies by Zukane »»
08-10-10, 10:06 PM
Something I found on
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11-28-09, 4:15 PM
~Questions for Zukan!~ ( 1 2 )
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10-28-09, 6:07 PM
Poll: What do you like about super zuki(Zukane)~?
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07-18-09, 3:49 PM

Club Comments
1eyedjoker | 01-03-12, 2:27 PM
Meh, it was my own damn fault for applying in the middle of the school year. I should have known there was going to be a lack of spaces.

Yes it does Cero. I had a hell of a time getting recommendations letters this time around. Some Professors are so flakey.

CeroStrife | 12-30-11, 5:12 AM
It's Fordham's great loss then.

Applying for college sucks.

1eyedjoker | 12-27-11, 9:21 AM
Fordham's a good school, that's probably why I didn't get accepted.

CeroStrife | 12-22-11, 9:15 PM
I'm applying to Fordham. Hoping to get accepted.

1eyedjoker | 12-22-11, 3:04 PM
Yeah, that's how I felt during my senior year.

Of the colleges I was interested in only two offered Spring semester starts, Fordham and Pace.

CeroStrife | 12-21-11, 8:50 PM
I am sick. It's Senior year, nothing more. Nothing less.

Where did you apply if you don't mind me asking?

1eyedjoker | 12-21-11, 2:29 PM
I've been good. Just relaxing until I start graduate school in January. I haven't written a review in months. Instead I've been focusing on other kinds of writing. I did screenplays during the summer and now I'm working on short stories.

How are you?

CeroStrife | 12-20-11, 7:10 PM
By the way, Nife if you are reading this I'm just joking as usual. Haha.

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