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Okay, maybe some other time I or someone else (if it ever gets that big) can fix this stuff up since I'm not a good formal typist, but here it goes—

I made this club so that those who have trouble operating different applications and software can come here to ask for assistance. I myself am pretty knowledgeable, so I will help the best I can and assist.

For those who are good or know more than the basics for different kinds of software and applications, you can come here to gain further tips/tricks/hints/help/etc. and also share with one another your knowledge.

I don't really know the best way to describe this club, but basically I created it as a means to help others and share information about types of software.

I myself have taken graphics design, animation, and know people who have taken video production in my school, which is partly one of the reasons I decided to make this club as well, considering: because of this, I have decided to make this club (and might make one at my school) to learn different things and receive help if needed. XD

Be it graphical programs like Photoshop/Gimp/Illustrator or video/animation type programs like Flash/After Effects/Premiere/Sony Vegas/3DsMax, or coding, or just programs for other purposes; music mixing, conversion programs, anything you can come here to gain info on such and help if need be or learn new stuff.

For things like Sharing Applications and such, I have made a little response to such—

My point (if not shown already) is that if people stick to free programs and not use shared copies then a lot of people might lose interest and/or give up on such things were if they could use the good programs they might likely go into such fields and because of this they must pay for the programs when getting a job in this field.

This would boost selling of applications, though in saying that I do not condone having a free copy of something and never intending to pay for it.


Further reading

Hanker to try new software, but do not want to expend monies? Check out Giveaway of the Day! 100% legit.

Looking for the introduction thread? Right here!

You can view the rules of the club here.


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Sticky: Introductions
35 replies by weakwithwords »»
01-06-13, 9:06 AM
Stuff for Desktop Customization/Productivity/Organization
0 replies by TheWanderingEye »»
03-19-12, 3:35 PM
24/7 Streaming of HD Music
0 replies by TheUnknownMerc »»
01-16-12, 7:06 PM
My Absence ;_;
0 replies by TheUnknownMerc »»
01-16-12, 6:57 PM
MKV to MP4?
1 replies by TheUnknownMerc »»
04-17-11, 9:08 PM

Club Comments
humbledsoul5121 | 12-24-14, 8:53 PM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody! ^_^

weakwithwords | 03-08-14, 2:36 PM
c",) goodbye

Ramen | 12-26-13, 6:11 PM
A little late here, but I hope you've all enjoyed a merry Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone.

Warmth | 12-25-13, 5:31 PM
Merry Christmas!

humbledsoul5121 | 12-25-13, 5:12 PM
Merry Christmas everybody! ^_^

TheUnknownMerc | 05-09-12, 9:00 PM
most likely =,= i'll be sticking to 7 and linux when i get around to it...*sigh* damn marketting

TheWanderingEye | 05-09-12, 4:14 PM
@BrairMoss: It's there for the dev preview but not there for consumer preview. I still cannot get over Settings > Shut Down. Win 8 is an example of what happens when a marketing dept. in a company has way too much say. Fuck your focus groups, I just need something that works.

As for why you'd buy a Win 8 PC, for regular folks buying prebuilts or laptops in the next year they really won't have any choice. Willing to bet though that retailers will make a killing by offering a downgrade to win 7 service. What that means for us in the Software Club is family and friends will be calling more often for help using their new computers with win 8 :V

TheUnknownMerc | 05-09-12, 7:40 AM
@BrairMoss, even more of a reason why this is just a shitty OS

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