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~ Welcome to Wonder Underground ~

This is a place for those of us who love the music of Buck-Tick! (as well as the band members' side projects) :D
You are welcomed here even if you haven't heard much of their songs.

If you are completely new to Buck-Tick, this is a perfect place to start becoming a fan :D
Their music style is very diverse. From light to heavy rock, to rock-n-roll, to calm and soothing songs. I'm sure if you like any type of rock music, you will find something to love in Buck-Tick's broad repertoire! :D

Anime Works:
NightWalker -- opening (Gessekai)
Trinity Blood -- opening (Dress)
xxxHOLiC -- ending (Kagerou)

If you know somebody else who likes this band, please invite them to the club!!

If you have good pictures to share, please post them in this topic! Thanks!

Buck-Tick lyrics in Japanese and English: >HERE<
Sakurai Atsushi lyrics in Japanese and English: >HERE<

Buck-Tick LiveJournal Community: For Dangerous Kids

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Club Discussion
Sticky: Poll: - favorite Buck-Tick PV? (+ general PV discussion)
20 replies by Kaidan »»
04-08-15, 7:13 PM
- favorite Sakurai Atsushi songs?
13 replies by Kenpau »»
01-03-13, 6:27 AM
Sticky: Poll: - how did you find out about Buck-Tick?
9 replies by foxrain »»
03-25-12, 4:38 PM
Sticky: Poll: - favorite Buck-Tick song? (+ general songs discussion)
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10-13-10, 6:30 AM
Sticky: - pictures
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07-21-10, 9:30 AM

Club Comments
kawara26 | 01-26-15, 8:24 PM
Atsushi Sakurai is so elegant, he's my hero :3

Erja | 06-19-11, 9:29 AM
@bolaykim - Hi;)
@sugoian - OMG I adore this! this is way I started like Abingdon Boys School also.

bolaykim | 03-15-11, 8:08 AM
Hi minna :)

tsubasalover | 02-06-11, 11:14 PM
Because the creator hasn't updated the relations.

xxxholic_wing | 02-06-11, 11:10 PM
Hmm, I wonder why Shiki is not yet listed under Anime Relations?

Loreley | 01-27-11, 12:19 AM
yeah, I've seen it and watched about thousand times XD <3 it's the most awesome thing I've seen/heard in 2010 *_*

sugoian | 01-01-11, 1:08 PM
Hey, guys! Have you seen this? ı'm not gonna give you spoiler if you havent, just click, it's good *_*

tsubasalover | 10-31-10, 6:49 PM
To my surprise, I liked Hamushi no You ni, too.

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