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This is a club about /m/. You join if you lurk/post on /m/, despite the fact that it's a clearly stupid idea to join a pseudonym based group about an anonymous message board.

Aug 31, 2014 - We are now /m/ - Mecca
Mar 18, 2014 - We are now is it called the kampfer amazing because he's a /m/eijin
Nov 6, 2013 - We are now Zaku A/m/azing
Dec 12, 2012 - We are now /m/ - MIKU FEI-YEN
Oct 1, 2012 - We are now /m/ - CODE GEASS GENERAL
June 21, 2012 - We are now /m/ - MIKAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Jan 28, 2012 - Due to popular demand, we are now /m/ - Miniskirts
Aug 17, 2011- New rule.
Jan 19, 2011- We are now /m/ - Maho Shojo.

1. No raging about Robotech.
2. No Sky Girls/Strike Witches rage.
3. No rage in general.
4. There is no rule #4, because the Japs think it's bad luck.
5. No using GAR to describe awesome shit. Seriously, don't.
6. Gundam SEED shall be referred to as Huckebein SEED.
7. Macross 7 shall be referred to as Space K-On.
8. No band promotions/ads allowed. This isn't /mu/.

#koolkisamaklub @

Club goals
Have 1 member - COMPLETE
Be fucking awesome - COMPLETE
Convert the Large Hadron Collider into an IRL Ideon. - IN PROGRESS 82%

Video of the now (as of December 14, 2014)

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Club Comments
RX-782 | 01-30-15, 11:21 AM
I still haven't cleaned off the accidental mustache I drew on the F91 I built a few months ago while trying to panel line, it takes time to get good at it.

mecharobot | 01-30-15, 12:50 AM
I was rather satisfied with using paint pens rather than decals on certain tricky spots and don't think it looks any worse like that. Not sure how well I'd do with a brush. I think as long as it sticks, it doesn't really matter.

TragicGenocider | 01-29-15, 3:11 PM
Wish most model kits were 1/100 instead of 1/144.
I have the panel lining marker and metallic marker set but I'm afraid to use those on the kits I have right now. Need buy myself a SD Gunpla and test my lining and painting skills.

Kellhus | 01-29-15, 5:58 AM
I built kits now and then. My shelf is overflowing with stuff though so I haven't done anything recently. I have a 1/100 Hyaku Shiki in the works right now, but I haven't been putting the time into it that I should be.

I'm not particularly good at it either, but I've been getting better. The main part that I have difficult with is the panel lining and any painting in general. I've just never been good with drawing/painting, so I'll probably always struggle with that aspect of it.

TragicGenocider | 01-28-15, 11:45 PM
I'm also not good at it. I've built a few and also messed up a few parts when I was a kid without using a clipper.
Nice. I've never built a RG kit. Yeah, decals and stickers are hard to apply...

mecharobot | 01-28-15, 11:20 PM
I sort of want to be more into it, but I noticed I suck and atm I don't really have much space to display any cool stuff (or I do, but I don't want my apartment to look like those collector/otaku rooms). Oh, I got a RG RX-78-2. Lots of small stuff, especially some of the decals are kind of impossible without a surgeon's equipment. The waist armor and thrusters are kind of loose also. Still rather cool.

TragicGenocider | 01-28-15, 9:55 PM
First comment of the year.
Anyone here build model kits? Just finished building Ameijin Exia few days ago. My next one's gonna be Alteisen Riese from SRW OG. Looks like there are a lot of small parts.

Feez | 12-14-14, 1:35 AM
Updated the video of the now

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