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Asagami Fujino (浅上藤乃) is a classmate and friend to Azaka, who both attend Reien Girl's Academy. A murderer in secret, her ability to feel pain is very distorted and her murders are seemingly a way of giving her inner peace.

The Asagami (浅神 "Asakami") Family is also member of the Demon Hunter Organization, like the Nanaya and the Ryougi, although their main branch collapsed, one of the minor branches still exists which Fujino is part of - the Asagami (浅上), though all they are now is a business organization.

Her fan nickname, Fujinon (ふじのん), is apparently used by Nasu himself.

Type-Moon Character Polls 2009

21. Neco Arc
22. Sion Eltnam Atlasia
23. Kotomine Kirei
24. White Len
25. Tohno Shiki
27. Aozaki Tohko, Katsuragi Chikagi
28. Asagami Fujino
29. Iskandar, Aozaki Aoko

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Her fate.
2 replies by Random_Cranberry »»
06-22-09, 1:14 PM

Club Comments
Enjou | 04-26-10, 6:49 AM
i think maybe a better club picture is required? not that this one is bad, but..

Nasuversepro | 04-24-10, 2:14 PM
yesh :3

Hoshijiro | 04-24-10, 6:47 AM


Nasuversepro | 04-24-10, 6:41 AM
btw, add in the Info :
"The Fujino Clan is also member of the Demon Hunter Organization, like the Nanaya and the Ryougi"

Hoshijiro | 04-24-10, 6:36 AM
I should totally rename this place the "Fujinon Fan Club".

Nasuversepro | 04-24-10, 6:33 AM
wuz up emiya/covey?

NERD4CT10N | 02-10-10, 7:05 AM
I will, since I like KnK so much*though I still want Fujino so much*

kentanaka00 | 02-10-10, 2:27 AM
I know this is Asagami's fan club and not Shiki's but PLEASE VOTE FOR SHIKI RYOUGI! ONEGAI!!! Pls support her. Thanks very much!

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