Boyerz Fanclub

Something about Boyerz
I have lots of description about myself... :D
and something about me in e-life (real life of mine is very forbidden to talk about) Long story a lil bit but if you wanna read then go for it... XDD

Friendship in Albatross18

And my HIO -> Second time

That girl in the white shirt w/ red hair her anime name is Kooh
but i named this character Rogers2006

The Song that i like the most... :)

Boyerz Favorites
-Trance, Techno, Electronica and Anime Songs
-Watches Movies, Animes
-Hanging out
-Likes kawaii girls (Real Life)
-Usually spent time along in going to malls... :D

Club Objectives

The most Important members to know is the Guidelines to this club
This Fanclub has less rules just like Yuki_Takishima Fanclub :D

-Dont Harass others
-NO More Inactiveness... XD
-Chat nice, if caught inappropriate comments then it'll be deleted
-Racist Insult may be banned from the club

NOTICE : TO ALL People who havent met me, lets be friends OK? :D
just talk to me and get along together... :)

Right now, Im Addicted to RF PoA

Contact Me :D
Yahoo - boyerz23
Skype - linker231
Friendster - -bOyerZ-
To Yuki - got this edited... :)

Club Members

Club Pictures

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Club Discussion
Check this out... :D
2 replies by maikun »»
03-16-09, 4:32 PM

Club Comments
baka_dark | 10-01-09, 4:00 PM
Haha boyerz thats funny you got banned from an online game what did you do?

fearon | 05-24-09, 2:43 AM
hey boyerz

boyerz | 05-20-09, 9:39 AM
pretty good... u? :D

Showstopper34 | 04-14-09, 8:33 AM

boyerz | 04-08-09, 6:42 AM
lol no problem... man i want to be admin in HURRAY BOOBIES their so active... XDD

BB-chan | 04-08-09, 5:29 AM
ur welcome....^_^

boyerz | 04-08-09, 2:40 AM
japanluvr new administrator of boyerz fanclub, held on your responsibilities on the club it goes to you in return
Mass Message from the Head Admin : yay your admin.. lol... tnx for making me admin too in your fanclub... ^^

BB-chan | 04-07-09, 5:28 PM
thanx 4 the invite! ^_^