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tembikai | 01-03-12, 3:55 AM
still not gay as twilight
Eridanus | 11-02-10, 10:26 AM
filler episodes ¬_¬
thats the reason I switched to manga version and also because of all the censorship.
eKusoshisut0 | 06-21-10, 7:00 PM
haha oh LOL!
Meronpan_Chan | 06-15-10, 3:26 AM
XDDD I almost choked on something when I watched this XDDD
Aoi_Neko | 02-02-10, 6:09 PM
it was 67th ep. and I don't even watch bleach. lol
-Kafka | 01-25-10, 3:26 AM
oh true this picture...half the episodes in Bleach are filler...such a fail...
mrnice0673 | 12-22-09, 7:53 AM
Filler episodes are horrible. The Bount Arc in Bleach was a joke. Low budget animation, music, etc....and even worse, they carried the horrible music from the bount arc into the Arrancar Arc. It kind of ruins the feel of the Arrancar Arc. But I still love it, its still classic Bleach, the real storyline is still there, and thats all that matters.
wabowser | 12-12-09, 5:43 PM
D: when this happen??

tell the episode number to watch it xD!!
Squirrelpaw4970 | 09-20-09, 11:38 AM
O.O I need to watch more Bleach now...
ice_gray | 08-25-09, 12:48 AM
ChibiCrow | 08-04-09, 5:35 PM
chappytehrabbit | 03-13-09, 5:44 PM
rofl.. aww... I like the Bleach filler arc with Lurichiyo-sama in it
Arturo_Plateado | 03-04-09, 7:08 PM
What the heck!?!
BlackAssassin | 03-01-09, 11:29 PM
I love that scene. It was just too funny. Renji's a bit out of character at that time.
pigoz | 02-20-09, 11:40 AM
ahah nice one :p
Avalona | 01-27-09, 1:44 PM
Can someone please tell me which episode this is from?
TheUnknownMerc | 01-15-09, 6:57 PM
<.< really? i thought it was just cause you were taking a bath >.>
Black_Kenshin | 01-11-09, 4:14 PM
So THAT'S why I wound up naked...
Arcanist-Tsou | 01-08-09, 2:37 PM
TheLlama | 01-04-09, 4:33 AM
True enough...
ProudFujoshi | 01-03-09, 1:00 AM
lmao me too XD good times.....good times.
MaxTehNoob | 01-02-09, 1:27 PM
lol i remember that!
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