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Run for your Life- by Fenriswolf:::: I listened to the song "Get Out Alive" from Three Days Grace too much and then the question "What would happen if Cloud weren't able to resist Sephiroth and the Jenova-manipulation?" popped into my mind. This is the re
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MikariStar | 01-11-09, 3:24 PM
lol XD some Reno would be nice, but Cloudy is still cute.
demon60000 | 01-08-09, 10:24 AM
sheesh man, 2 is not a color, it's a number... O.o , get a hold of yourself, dude. xp
216_fireball_216 | 12-04-08, 7:54 PM
nice drawing... but why is it always cloud? I want to see the other charecters, what about Yuffi? Cid? Tifa? and you know another thing...

*continues on a three hour rant...*

And that's why my favorite color is the letter 2!
MikariStar | 12-02-08, 3:41 PM
no matter how "cool" and "bad" (the good kind of bad I mean) Cloud may look, I still see him as adorable little Cloudy. Yes, even in this picture he's little Cloudy to me O.o;; and that makes it all the more amusing :D
S0ul01 | 12-01-08, 8:21 AM
What? How did you manage to draw it this quickly? You hadnt started 2 days ago, have you?^^
Anyway, looking awesome as always. So Cloud can look badass and not Uke-ish :-D
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