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itscutekk | 06-06-13, 2:16 AM
Kenichi pulls it off as L-sama. ITS HIS LIPSSS!! i think i'm in love with Kenichi!!!
amna_44 | 09-19-11, 9:38 AM
okay. now that is AWESOME and creepy.....I want his shoes. they look cool.
Darkcrowe | 02-09-11, 6:18 PM
AHHH!! L is SOOOOOOO CUTE! He makes my heart go dokidokidokidoki! Kenichi-sama really portrays him well. *is currently trying to suppress the urge to go "KYAAAAA!!! L-sama! DAISUKI DAISUKI!'*
*passes out from too much excitement*
Canissa_Latrans | 06-02-10, 12:45 PM
Nice. Do they sell them on eBay?
xAnimexrockerx | 05-02-10, 1:24 PM
Omg he's sooooo hawt i love him
aodshamanking | 01-16-10, 3:33 PM
That's it I got a nosebleed *w* he's so damn kawaii o.O,it's iLLegaL to be that cute!!!!
Puja | 01-14-10, 10:13 AM
Can i taste you? =3
L_Is_Mine | 04-11-09, 8:27 AM
He is the greatest! <3 I'm going to go see Death Note: L change the WorLd on the 30th and 31st (so I can see the subbed and the dubbed) oh I can't wait!
BlackAssassin | 04-09-09, 9:40 PM

HarryTram | 02-04-09, 3:30 PM
Funny how girls like the creepy depressed emo look as "hot" now. Only a person like L could pull it off lol
rafsha | 01-25-09, 12:19 AM
man hes so hooot
MedliSage | 12-11-08, 7:20 PM
He's.... he's not cosplaying! ;___; He's the official actor of L in all the DN live action movies.
Animeangel250 | 12-10-08, 12:41 PM
L is so hot when a Japanese man cosplays him!
oOboredtodeathOo | 11-29-08, 6:36 AM
I want to eat him all up along with my cake. >.<
otaku102896 | 10-17-08, 6:40 PM
He might have to get up just to run from fangirls! He is just so HOT~!
MotokoAramaki | 10-14-08, 7:58 PM
Handsome man alert!!!
Duelistbluerose | 09-09-08, 5:20 PM
Hinata020 | 09-08-08, 2:29 PM
fantasy254 | 08-23-08, 7:17 AM
i sat like L when i saw death note in the theaters and cosplayed as him ( along with light misa near and mello ) and it HURTS its quit a workout for your legs just sitting xD who knew? and i just want to jump right through my computer screen to glomp him :3
Cookie-chan | 07-16-08, 7:16 PM
*faints from L-ness*
MedliSage | 07-14-08, 3:09 PM
Lol, it's hard to sit like L! I try as much as I can but it kinda hurts, lol. But Kenichi does it so well... *dreamy sigh* <3
iluvL | 07-09-08, 8:50 PM
o lol...!
i read dat dis guy had a kinda hard time sitting like L in da movie...
dey sed he lacked da physical ability!
n after watchin da movie i was like... "ya, rt!"
MedliSage | 07-07-08, 4:31 PM
He wears sneakers only when he goes outside. I think the only time he wore sneakers in Death Note was when he went to the university to meet Light. :]
iluvL | 07-07-08, 1:20 AM
... i thot L was pretty much BAREFOOT all da time... watev... ^_^
MedliSage | 06-20-08, 5:18 PM
XtransylvanianX | 06-20-08, 3:29 PM
Mum, can I have one of those for Christmas???
LucySky | 06-20-08, 2:46 PM
MedliSage | 06-19-08, 7:15 PM
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