Picture in WORLD DOMINATION!!! Bwhahahaa >:3

isn't that cute? and evil! but cute!! >< BOTH!!
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GoldenStar | 09-03-11, 4:57 AM
hehe of course you can be cute and evil at the same time NYAHAHAHAHAHAAH~! X3

GenbuX | 08-17-08, 5:07 PM
replace alucard with me replace blood with choloate.... damn it's a trap!
Enwen | 06-21-08, 11:22 AM
for those of you who don't recognise the picture --> that's Ms.Hellsing trying to lure Alucard into a nostalgic basket trap... with a bloodpack as bait...

SO CUTE!!! <3 *fangirlish squeels*
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