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~Monia Café~
2573 Members
❤ The Sweetest Anime Community ❤
Last comment 1 minute ago by natsukage
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by SweetMonia
A world of hidden Dangers (rp)
46 Members
A rp based on good V.S evil
Last comment 1 minute ago by AyaNekoQueen1996
Last post 7 minutes ago
Created by sexykagome16
VOMIC -^♥^~~Happy 3700+~~ & Sep SOM is OPEN!!!^♥^
3728 Members
Dedicated to the talented world of Seiyuu aka Voice actors! MALs largest and active Seiyuu fanclub! JOIN US!
Last comment 2 minutes ago by Sugar-
Last post 10 minutes ago
Created by skuj
♥ Ecchi & Hentai ~♥~ Lovers ♥
2721 Members
Club for people whos like/love ecchi and hentai ^_^
Last comment 5 minutes ago by TheErosDeity
Last post 3 hours ago
Created by sakarji
The Summoner's Rift
970 Members
MAL's very own League of Legends Fan Club
Last comment 5 minutes ago by Solvanas
Last post 09-12-14, 9:32 AM
Created by supercell
1509 Members
For those of us fans who have reached the cool decade of our twenties.
Last comment 7 minutes ago by zodac
Last post 14 minutes ago
Created by JusticeUndone
Twisted Treeline Cardshop
65 Members
[JOIN NOW!] A club where it'll be about League of Legends and Anime! There will be card editions to request!
Last comment 8 minutes ago by Solvanas
Last post 25 minutes ago
Created by MrMeowgi
【Anime Guild】
99 Members
【Discuss anime,manga,and games】Just a club for people to hang out and talk about what they like. Why don't you join?【We also do Skype chats every so often】
Last comment 8 minutes ago by ftFate
Last post 1 minute ago
Created by LetMeDeflowerYou
Federación Latino - Americana. [F:L/A]
772 Members
Club de Anime para todos los Hispano Hablantes, Españoles, Latinos, Aliens, Si hablas español, este es tu lugar. Tenemos cards, juegos y muchos debates! [ Hispano - Latino - Spain ]
Last comment 9 minutes ago
Last post 1 minute ago
Created by NeoRAnma
MAL Synchtube Theater
270 Members
Watch shows together, live.
Last comment 10 minutes ago by MohdJeffreyZin
Last post 01-27-14, 1:05 PM
Created by Rethardus
BL Addicts!
2082 Members
For all those who love shounen ai and yaoi! all BL lovers are welcome please dont join if you are not into boy x boy
Last comment 10 minutes ago by PinkPetals
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by infactuation21
Namine's Café
3463 Members
A little corner café to make friends, discuss anime or any other topic that you feel like talking about, join our Steam Group, play games, get cards, chat on IRC or talk on Mumble, vote on music & pictures, and generally do what you want
Last comment 10 minutes ago by RiseToTheBob
Last post 1 hour ago
Created by 0namine1
Kantai Collection Fanclub
90 Members
The KanColle Fanclub! Time for some moeficiation of the battleships~
Last comment 19 minutes ago by DSJFX18
Last post 09-16-14, 7:09 AM
Created by ampzz
Indonesian Anime Lovers Club
1644 Members
if you are indonesian, join here and meet with another indonesian anime lover^^
Last comment 19 minutes ago by AcezHarfianz
Last post Yesterday, 8:46 PM
Created by tsubasafan
Sports (Anime) Fans
1301 Members
A club dedicated to all Sports Animes!
Last comment 21 minutes ago by LOAD
Last post 09-18-14, 11:11 AM
Created by June
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