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【Anime Guild】
682 Members
The Anime Guild is a club that wants to provide its members with a fun experience on MAL. We offer a discussion on currently airing shows, a review section, an active Skype group, and anime inclusive games. If you are looking for a new club, why not us?
Last comment 1 minute ago by Seto_Masamune
Last post 59 minutes ago
Created by LMDFY
🌙 Hartwell: MAL School of Enchantment 🌙
293 Members
Last comment 2 minutes ago by xGelai
Last post 7 minutes ago
Created by naruse_
Australian & New Zealand Anime Club - That's Totally Not Dead
624 Members
A place for all the Australians and New Zealanders who watch far too much Anime and should probably reconsider their existence
Last comment 5 minutes ago by JustinD5
Last post 7 minutes ago
Created by Naisto
Critics and Connoisseurs
151 Members
A private club for members of MAL who over many years have developed a refined taste for anime and/or manga.
Last comment 7 minutes ago by SheRebels
Last post 8 minutes ago
Created by 8GaugeBrett
Anime Paradise Club (A.P.C.)
92 Members
A friendly place for people that can chat about anime, manga, and characters! Everyone is welcome! ^.^
Last comment 10 minutes ago by beautifullyou
Last post 7 minutes ago
Created by DarkSoldier2400
Moe Nya~!
247 Members
Where all the kawaii and sugoi stuff is! (~>ω<)~
Last comment 11 minutes ago by TheOllie
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by Jaymusta
NTR Black Knights - The Netorare Club
392 Members
Club about the genre Netorare (NTR)
Last comment 11 minutes ago by y123y
Last post  
Created by wjxxhulka66n6
black Wish RP
44 Members
How bad are you willing to fight to get the ultimate wish? Come enjoy this sekirei based and modified rp. you know you want two
Last comment 13 minutes ago by frogoten
Last post 46 seconds ago
Created by SakuraSweetHeart
Elite OR Shit
45 Members
Elites live here
Last comment 14 minutes ago by literaturenerd
Last post 7 minutes ago
Created by mr_chang
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru FC
263 Members
My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected.
Last comment 17 minutes ago by worldeditor11
Last post 04-09-15, 1:14 PM
Created by Stark700
Sakura's magic bloom
96 Members
A club for all people that love voice acting, being energetic and love drawing :)
Last comment 18 minutes ago by Ichigo321
Last post 29 minutes ago
Created by Ichigo321
Namine's Café
4990 Members
COUPLES COMPETITION IS NOW OPEN - A little corner café to make friends, discuss anime or any other topic that you feel like talking about, join our Steam Group, play games, get cards, chat on Skype or IRC, and generally do what you want
Last comment 20 minutes ago by KamSung
Last post 3 minutes ago
Created by 0namine1
anime club
417 Members
SHOW how to get people into more anime
Last comment 21 minutes ago
Last post 09-18-12, 10:53 AM
Created by eraki
Mafia Society
407 Members
Forum mafia games, including werewolves and themed games.
Last comment 25 minutes ago by grave_robber
Last post 8 minutes ago
Created by Bombolz
Recommendation Club
11447 Members
A place where you can chat, ask for anime and manga recommendations, vote in polls, play games, and much more.
Last comment 25 minutes ago by Konik
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by hailacdc
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