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Cherry Blossom City {The City of Dreams) (RP)
14 Members
Come join the City of Dreams. There is so much you can do here. You can go on missions to increase your stats. You can play games to earn tons of cash. You can partake in CIty wide event or you can just chill and build your own family. Choose your Destiny
Last comment 9 seconds ago by UnraveledSoul
Last post 15 seconds ago
Created by SakuraSweetHeart
WildStar High RP
87 Members
A neutral place, without any relations to even a single country. A place where students from all around the world come together, without any privileges based on class, to go through hardships and training, complete missions for clients. Here it begins.
Last comment 16 seconds ago by Tamoball
Last post 10 minutes ago
Created by RazorDestiny
The GreekZ Club
341 Members
A club for all the Greek members of MAL
Last comment 3 minutes ago by AADMC
Last post Yesterday, 11:59 AM
Created by neratza713
Casual Discussion 2.0
460 Members
This is a club that is similar in nature to Casual Discussion from the MAL forums, except, you can talk about most anything you want and say almost anything you want without getting your posts banned.
Last comment 3 minutes ago by Cuckold
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by berserker15
Karen Kujou Fanclub
50 Members
Fanclub for the hilarious kawaii Karen from Kiniro Mosaic
Last comment 4 minutes ago by LupusWarrior
Last post 04-26-15, 9:52 PM
Created by LupusWarrior
【Anime Guild】
922 Members
The Anime Guild is a club that wants to provide its members with a fun experience on MAL. We offer a discussion on currently airing shows, a review section, an active Skype group, and anime inclusive games. If you are looking for a new club, why not us?
Last comment 5 minutes ago by fatezer0
Last post 3 minutes ago
Created by LMDFY
1105 Members (MALgraph) is an extension of your profile, showing you various information about your anime and manga.
Last comment 5 minutes ago by QuothTheRaven
Last post Yesterday, 3:31 PM
Created by Deividas
Recommendation Club
11766 Members
A place where you can chat, ask for anime and manga recommendations, vote in polls, play games, and much more.
Last comment 7 minutes ago by SerasAshley
Last post 27 minutes ago
Created by hailacdc
Guardians Academy RP
26 Members
A fantasy/school/action RP. Join in and have fun!
Last comment 7 minutes ago by LoliNinjaa
Last post 47 seconds ago
Created by NavyTrace
City of Demons [RP]
28 Members
become a demon and play as one
Last comment 9 minutes ago by SleeplessVampire
Last post 52 seconds ago
Created by SleeplessVampire
[Possible Spoilers] Most Overrated/Underrated Club V. 0
238 Members
A haven for the desperados, freaks, and disenfranchised of Anime Discussion.
Last comment 9 minutes ago by fst
Last post 1 minute ago
Created by Ckan
Myouren Temple
2033 Members
♥ The Youkai Temple - A Fan and Cards club dedicated to Youkai and Touhou ♥ ゆっくりしていってね! (We also do non-Touhou/Youkai editions!)
Last comment 11 minutes ago by Draco_Nightmare
Last post 53 minutes ago
Created by Kuroyu
Federación Latino-Americana [F:L/A]
1417 Members
Club de Anime para todos los Hispano Hablantes, Españoles, Latinos, Aliens, Si hablas español, este es tu lugar. Tenemos cards, juegos y muchos debates! [ Hispano - Latino - Spain ]
Last comment 11 minutes ago by mangassmangass
Last post 3 minutes ago
Created by NeoRAnma
Random Anime Cards Emporium (R.A.C.E.)
1708 Members
Get cards from all kinds of anime here and have fun C:
Last comment 11 minutes ago by D3sTro
Last post 5 minutes ago
Created by Miyuki-
The (Not so) Secret Pervert Union
1634 Members
A place for pervs to hangout.
Last comment 12 minutes ago by tthammy
Last post 05-29-15, 4:41 AM
Created by tthammy