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Chill Club
1264 Members
Are you tired of all the raging idiots around you? Come and chill in our club~
Last comment 1 minute ago by no_good_name
Last post 3 hours ago
Created by Crazy_Cofee_Cat
Light Novels Alliance!
460 Members
A Club for LN readers to share LN information, and casually talk with other LN lovers.
Last comment 3 minutes ago by HaXXspetten
Last post 3 hours ago
Created by Azurea
Fallen Nations RP
32 Members
Post-Apocalyptic Militia that has been formed to survive as one under the name Fallen Nations.
Last comment 4 minutes ago by 404UserNotFound
Last post  
Created by Delta64
Harem&Ecchi Club
2693 Members
Love Harem&Ecchi? Want to find more awesome anime? Then look no further!..As this is...The Harem&Ecchi Club!! We also offer some pretty cool Ecchi Cards, Who doesn't like Ecchi Cards!♥♥
Last comment 4 minutes ago by ticklememour
Last post 3 hours ago
Created by animekanji
Visual Novel Brasil
877 Members
Club para debater e discutir jogos japoneses e os mais diversos estilos de jogos.
Last comment 5 minutes ago by fredi-sj
Last post  
Created by JonhMaster
Hang Out Club
523 Members
Best lax and mellow place to hang, until Ezdeath took down our club description and I had to replace it with this one.
Last comment 6 minutes ago by 99Dusk
Last post Yesterday, 8:09 AM
Created by Infinity_Soul
The Non-Lurking Circle
13 Members
An anime-themed club full of active users. We chat, organize various events and just generally try to have a fun time!
Last comment 8 minutes ago by Katsurararagi
Last post Jul 3, 3:17 PM
Created by Sniksir
6371 Members
If you like Tig Ol Bitties, fat booties, and a forum that isn't flooded with generic topics... Join E/H.
Last comment 9 minutes ago by CLYDESDALE
Last post 56 minutes ago
Created by Arxx
9GAG Club
101 Members
Just a club for 9gaggers.
Last comment 10 minutes ago by Aceralle
Last post Yesterday, 7:06 AM
Created by Ichigo_Shiba
Kantai Collection Fanclub
357 Members
The KanColle Fanclub! Time for some moeficiation of the battleships~
Last comment 14 minutes ago by Rabbiac
Last post 42 minutes ago
Created by ampzz
Casual Discussion 2.0
871 Members
This is a club that is similar in nature to Casual Discussion from the MAL forums, except, you can talk about most anything you want and say almost anything you want without getting your posts banned.
Last comment 16 minutes ago by violity
Last post 21 minutes ago
Created by berserker15
~Monia Café~
7131 Members
The Original Café In MAL (Since 2010)
Last comment 17 minutes ago by raveninthemuddle
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by SweetMonia
Plaza San Marco
12 Members
Now with 322% more shitposting
Last comment 18 minutes ago by ftFate
Last post Jul 4, 6:53 PM
Created by ftFate
Kawaii Neko Club
802 Members
A club to do anything in, really, I just like cats, Please join if you love anime and manga :)~
Last comment 22 minutes ago by Crazy_Cofee_Cat
Last post Jul 3, 10:37 PM
Created by Snawwy
Moe Nya~!
565 Members
Where all the kawaii and sugoi stuff is! (~>ω<)~
Last comment 22 minutes ago by ShadowMarshal
Last post 3 hours ago
Created by Jaymusta