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Anime Paradise Club (A.P.C.)
2077 Members
A friendly place for people that can chat about anime, manga, and characters! Everyone is welcome! ^.^
Last comment 46 seconds ago by JackOD
Last post 1 minute ago
Created by Vert
Procrastination Club (Name Subject to Change)
37 Members
I'll Think of One Later
Last comment 2 minutes ago by thanna
Last post 7 hours ago
Created by Spiffytease
MAL Central
1504 Members
A club where you can chat, have fun and make friends. With games, chats and topics galore!
Last comment 4 minutes ago by BubbleGum_
Last post 4 minutes ago
Created by Dawn
Namine's Café
7645 Members
The little corner café of MAL: make friends, play in our massive anime comps, discuss anime or any topic, join our Steam & Osu Groups, play games, get cards, chat on Skype/IRC, and generally do what you want
Last comment 6 minutes ago by Militus
Last post 41 minutes ago
Created by 0namine1
66 Members
Our home away from home <3
Last comment 10 minutes ago by Arrilou
Last post 8 minutes ago
Created by Saiyokuro
Movie/Anime Member Cards (MAMC)
562 Members
Like collecting cards? Claims? Requests? Games? We got them all (「・ω・)「
Last comment 12 minutes ago by Shuuka
Last post 6 hours ago
Created by littleally28
Light Novels Alliance!
770 Members
A club for LN readers to share LN information, and casually talk with other LN lovers.
Last comment 13 minutes ago by Azurea
Last post Today, 8:31 AM
Created by Azurea
Winter 2016 ANIME
8260 Members
A club dedicated to the currently airing anime season: Winter 2016. Discuss, chat and hang with us.
Last comment 14 minutes ago by tsubasalover
Last post 4 hours ago
Created by TrOjAnHoRsE
Indonesian Anime Lovers Club
2005 Members
if you are indonesian, join here and meet with another indonesian anime lover^^
Last comment 14 minutes ago by remps
Last post 28 minutes ago
Created by tsubasafan
Cafe Nowhere
40 Members
A club for all sorts of anime lovers, fangirls, fanboys. A little bit of everything! In urgent need of staff!
Last comment 19 minutes ago by littleally28
Last post 5 hours ago
Created by kickassneko74792
Australian & New Zealand Anime Club
1441 Members
A place for all the Australians and New Zealanders who watch far too much Anime and should probably reconsider their existence
Last comment 20 minutes ago by Hige
Last post 21 minutes ago
Created by joe
♪ Lyrical Harmony ♪
107 Members
A fun club where you can interact with new people, collect cards, play games, and more! We are in need of staff! Feel free to join~ Anyone is accepted into our family. ^^
Last comment 21 minutes ago by littleally28
Last post 34 minutes ago
Created by Shuuka
GL Addicts!
1448 Members
for all those who love Yuri / shoujo ai.
Last comment 22 minutes ago by Taker6898
Last post 9 hours ago
Created by infactuation21
Federación Latino-Americana [F:L/A] - BLOG ONLINE!
2261 Members
Club de Anime para todos los Hispano Hablantes, Españoles, Latinos, Aliens, Si hablas español, este es tu lugar. Tenemos cards, juegos y muchos debates! [ Hispano - Latino - Spain - Spanish ]
Last comment 28 minutes ago by NicoV5
Last post 7 minutes ago
Created by NeoRAnma
Love Live! School Idol Project!
903 Members
A club dedicated to the Love Live School Idol Project!
Last comment 32 minutes ago by Akuma_Kousaka
Last post Yesterday, 3:26 AM
Created by PsychoKitteh