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Claim a tsundere!
904 Members
You name your tsundere, we tame your tsundere!(in a card)
Last comment 1 minute ago by Solvanas
Last post 57 minutes ago
Created by Chloe-tsundere
Polski FC Pandora Hearts
316 Members
Pandora Hearts dla polskich fanów ^_^
Last comment 2 minutes ago by NatiChan
Last post 03-08-14, 8:12 AM
Created by Yashima
The Summoner's Rift
945 Members
MAL's very own League of Legends Fan Club
Last comment 3 minutes ago by Solvanas
Last post 33 minutes ago
Created by supercell
Polski Klub Miłośników Anime
1319 Members
Zachęcam do wstąpienia do naszego klubu. Znajdziesz w nim wiele ciekawych informacji i zabawy
Last comment 3 minutes ago by Ero-Genin
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by CooperPL
Hang Out Club
285 Members
A mellow and lax club where members can express their interest in anime and hold lively discussions about anything - whether it be anime, manga, life, or anything that comes to mind!
Last comment 4 minutes ago by Sonic0
Last post Today, 1:04 AM
Created by Infinity_Soul
18 Members
This is the club where we hang out and talk about almost anything (mostly anime).
Last comment 4 minutes ago by NeptuneNoire
Last post 4 minutes ago
Created by watd
Harem and Ecchi Club
43 Members
What is your favorite Harem and Ecchi Anime?
Last comment 5 minutes ago by DroidChargers
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by animekanji
Ayano's Card Studio ♪ (A.C.S)
127 Members
In this club, you can collect cards, claim your favourite characters and chat with new people ♪
Last comment 5 minutes ago by SparkleBunnies
Last post 1 minute ago
Created by hinarin
Federación Latino - Americana. [F:L/A]
712 Members
Club de Anime para todos los Hispano Hablantes, Españoles, Latinos, Aliens, Si hablas español, este es tu lugar. Tenemos cards, juegos y muchos debates! [ Hispano - Latino - Spain ]
Last comment 5 minutes ago by tanis01
Last post 12 minutes ago
Created by NeoRAnma
Shōten Studio
25 Members
MAL's Own Fitness, Nutrition, & Wellness Club
Last comment 6 minutes ago by Objective
Last post 08-29-14, 9:24 PM
Created by MaiTai
I may be in school but will make time for this anime club.... thing...
491 Members
A new club to make friends and ask for some help in school.
Last comment 6 minutes ago by lilypippili
Last post 7 hours ago
Created by NBRadiation
Slice of Life Club
7385 Members
aka the Mio Akiyama FC. A club for fans of the Slice of Life genre. We have official, SE and LE cards, games, events and more! Come take part in our Cute Competition!
Last comment 7 minutes ago by toridoshi
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by toridoshi
Anime Recommendation and Help Center
3013 Members
need help finding a anime to watch?,need help trying to find a series? if so come here and we shall be of service
Last comment 7 minutes ago by ziggyopolous
Last post 4 hours ago
Created by RyokoAyekaLover
1427 Members
For those of us fans who have reached the cool decade of our twenties.
Last comment 7 minutes ago by Migahel
Last post 32 seconds ago
Created by JusticeUndone
3364 Members
Bem-vindos ao Brasil \ Brazil. Ponto de encontro para todos os brasileiros do MAL.
Last comment 7 minutes ago by Oiacz
Last post 08-26-14, 8:29 AM
Created by estevam
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