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►English Licensed Manga Club - PART 1◄
169 Members
Manga's that are Licensed/Sold/Published in English - PART 1
Last comment 2 minutes ago by lanblade
Last post 01-06-15, 11:52 PM
Created by pennyiscute
Tokyo Ghoul RP
5 Members
A world, broken and shattered. On the surface, a world filled with humans who live their everyday lives, but underneath this illusion is a different world on its own, filled with Ghouls who can only eat flesh. Are you human...or a ghoul?
Last comment 2 minutes ago by SodaWithYoda
Last post 10 minutes ago
Created by NekoSoul
~Monia Café~
3663 Members
❤ The Sweetest Anime Community ❤
Last comment 3 minutes ago by Kazami_Kaito
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by SweetMonia
Fairy Tail RP
306 Members
For those who love rp and Fairy Tail
Last comment 3 minutes ago by SodaWithYoda
Last post 1 hour ago
Created by Ruseo
✼Cute/Cool people✼
57 Members
You know that guy PandaYingYang? yeah, hes a bad guy.
Last comment 3 minutes ago by HeathWithin
Last post 17 minutes ago
Created by Pinapple-Apple
Noob Club
375 Members
Club for anime/manga Newbies to meet fellow anime/ manga Noobs and meet new people, make new friends, Receive recommendations for anime to watch and also give recommendations to other members.
Last comment 3 minutes ago by OtakuPepper
Last post 31 minutes ago
Created by PapaCow
☮ Food World Club(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ☂
315 Members
Heyo, all you food lovers out there! This club is just for you!!
Last comment 3 minutes ago by Santa-Muerte
Last post 9 minutes ago
Created by HeathWithin
【 H.M.S.E 】Hartwell: MAL School of Enchantment
264 Members
HMSE is a little school club dedicated for the fun of its members. There will be monthly features + games so what are you waiting for? Come join us :)
Last comment 4 minutes ago by DarkVocaloid
Last post 4 minutes ago
Created by naruse_
Kazami Faction Mk.II
61 Members
A friendly place for animes, foods, games, music, and traveling. Talk about life if you like. Just chill and enjoy your stay!
Last comment 5 minutes ago by Kazami_Kaito
Last post 02-26-15, 8:45 PM
Created by Kazami_Kaito
True Horror
371 Members
Cataloging recommended anime and manga that makes you uncomfortable. J̳̠͕̼̜̬o̧̱͈̬̤̙̥̰̜͈͢i̝̪̦̦̞̝̣̠͟n̛͓͉̫̮̭͔̰ ̼̞̦̰̳̼u҉҉̤̭s̜̘͎̪̰̟͚̰.̸̺̣̳͜.̠̣̭̝̱̤͙̥.̵̮̠̩͔͍͈͖.̡̞͉̀ ͉̮͔̱̙̖͠͡
Last comment 7 minutes ago by LayedBack
Last post 10-10-14, 10:24 PM
Created by AlabastreAizo
Namine's Café
4590 Members
COUPLES COMPETITION IS NOW OPEN - A little corner café to make friends, discuss anime or any other topic that you feel like talking about, join our Steam Group, play games, get cards, chat on Skype or IRC, and generally do what you want
Last comment 8 minutes ago by KawaiiKato
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by 0namine1
【Anime Guild】
511 Members
The Anime Guild is a club that wants to provide its members with a fun experience on MAL. We offer a discussion on currently airing shows, a review section, an active Skype group, and anime inclusive games. If you are looking for a new club, why not us?
Last comment 10 minutes ago by ftFate
Last post 18 minutes ago
Created by LMDFY
The Anime Uber-Elitist Club
1363 Members
The true, high-class, prestigious club for real critics and obviously superior human beings.
Last comment 11 minutes ago by corwin_r
Last post 13 minutes ago
Created by Nidhoeggr
5697 Members
If you like Tig Ol Bitties, fat booties, and a forum that isn't flooded with generic topics... Join E/H.
Last comment 12 minutes ago by Kagami_Hiiragi
Last post 3 hours ago
Created by Arxx
Romantic Comedy Anime (RCA<3)
2739 Members
To Those who Love Romantic Comedy <3 Join in ^ ^ We also appreciate other Romance Anime types as well :), Updates happening daily :)
Last comment 12 minutes ago by Deno
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by Angel_Devil
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