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Aincrad RP
61 Members
Join the 10,000 other gamers trapped in the game where when you die, you die for real
Last comment 24 seconds ago by PickyOtaku
Last post 3 minutes ago
Created by MoniStar
Namine's Café
3113 Members
A little corner café to make friends, discuss anime or any other topic that you feel like talking about, join our Steam Group, play games, get cards, chat on IRC or talk on Mumble, vote on music & pictures, and generally do what you want
Last comment 24 seconds ago by isCasted
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by 0namine1
🌸Sakura's Dreamland of Cards🌸 (S.D.C)
507 Members
Just your friendly neighborhood card club~ LEs, REs, HEs, SEs, you name it! Come join our big family and chat with us, play games, and more! <3
Last comment 42 seconds ago by Pewxpew
Last post 13 minutes ago
Created by CandySakura
Visual Novel Petition Club
2448 Members
Petition for a Visual Novel list on MAL. We are of course also talking about Visual Novels in general and other topics.
Last comment 54 seconds ago by jellyfish415
Last post 10 hours ago
Created by Quintessence
[[ Live Action Adaptations ]]
248 Members
List of Anime and Mangas made into Live Actions
Last comment 2 minutes ago by pennyiscute
Last post 09-16-13, 6:21 PM
Created by ameritakushoujo
Softcore Madness - The Ecchi Society
1414 Members
A club for all fans of ecchi whether it be anime, manga or video games. You are welcomed here.
Last comment 2 minutes ago by smithinatorv3
Last post 8 minutes ago
Created by Red_Fox_Akuma
Noob Club
50 Members
Club for anime/manga Newbies to meet fellow anime/ manga Noobs and meet new people, make new friends, Receive recommendations for anime to watch and also give recommendations to other members.
Last comment 3 minutes ago by apachelsalvador
Last post 3 minutes ago
Created by PapaCow
Eesti Klubi
163 Members
Klubi Eesti anime ja manga huvilistele. See on ka koht kõige muu Jaapani teemalise diskussiooni ja liikmete omavaheline suhtluse jaoks.
Last comment 3 minutes ago by Aphyxia
Last post 07-17-14, 2:46 AM
Created by Aphyxia
Indonesian anime lovers club
1608 Members
if you are indonesian, join here and meet with another indonesian anime lover^^
Last comment 4 minutes ago by belm
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by tsubasafan
The (Not so) Secret Pervert Union
1245 Members
A place for pervs to hangout.
Last comment 4 minutes ago by jellyfish415
Last post 5 hours ago
Created by tthammy
Hang Out Club
118 Members
Come here if you want to get HUNGRY! A mellow and lax club where members can express their interest in anime and hold lively discussions about anything - whether it be anime, manga, life, or anything that comes to mind!
Last comment 6 minutes ago by fluffybeean
Last post 9 hours ago
Created by Infinity_Soul
Traditional Friends Card Club [TFCC] [Coming back in July!]
471 Members
A free to join club that you can request cards, traditionally (anytime you want to)
Last comment 6 minutes ago by Phraze
Last post 3 hours ago
Created by Shigeta
18 Members
the future is now
Last comment 7 minutes ago by stoptheviolins
Created by r0dan
I may be in school but will make time for this anime club.... thing...
397 Members
A new club to make friends and ask for some help in school.
Last comment 7 minutes ago by Mishukax
Last post 56 minutes ago
Created by NBRadiation
4180 Members
We are members who LOVE Ecchi or Harem type anime.
Last comment 7 minutes ago by Clithzby
Last post 46 minutes ago
Created by Arxx
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