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I may be in school but will make time for this anime club.... thing...
259 Members
A new club to make friends and ask for some help in school.
Last comment 19 seconds ago by doug23
Last post 12 seconds ago
Created by NBRadiation
Namine's Café
2188 Members
A little corner café to make friends, discuss anime or any other topic that you feel like talking about, join our Steam Group, play games, get cards, chat on Skype or IRC, vote on music & pictures, and generally do what you want
Last comment 1 minute ago by Himikoi
Last post 4 minutes ago
Created by 0namine1
Hangout of the Sexy People
4 Members
Only sexy people allowed!
Last comment 2 minutes ago by internetbunny
Created by AdvancedSoul
Shonen Protagonists
94 Members
A Club where you can discuss popular Shonen Protagonists
Last comment 5 minutes ago by InfernoShark
Last post 04-21-14, 7:29 PM
Created by MJBaller23
Slice of Life Club
5483 Members
A club for fans of the Slice of Life genre. We have official, SE, and LE cards, games, and more! Come take part in our Moe Competition!
Last comment 5 minutes ago by toridoshi
Last post 2 seconds ago
Created by toridoshi
Skype anime chat
448 Members
Gathering people for a skype anime chat.
Last comment 8 minutes ago
Last post 04-19-14, 8:54 PM
Created by SweetDeception
After the Apocalypse
299 Members
Survivors of this Post-Apocalyptic World.
Last comment 8 minutes ago by Onuma
Last post 03-27-14, 4:51 PM
Created by MadaManga
Softcore Madness - The Ecchi Society
516 Members
A club for fans of all genres of anime to come together and converse with others.
Last comment 10 minutes ago by YandereTheEmo
Last post 1 hour ago
Created by Red-Fox
Makeshift Destiny | RP
15 Members
A Slice of Life RP
Last comment 10 minutes ago by RedArmyShogun
Last post 10 hours ago
Created by Yzmael
Monster Girls <3
3060 Members
We that love monster girls.
Last comment 10 minutes ago by MikoLunasaRinyuu
Last post 7 minutes ago
Created by Hollow90
ĸᴧnye тo тнe (カニエトザ)|| 💯💯💯
12 Members
Last comment 12 minutes ago by Moodie
Last post Yesterday, 2:06 PM
Created by dior
Anime Characters Discussion Club
19 Members
Discuss your favourite anime characters from your favourite animes, Tell us why they are you favourite!
Last comment 13 minutes ago by _YuujiKazami_
Last post 1 hour ago
Created by Vampirezero7
One Piece
7100 Members
Did you know there's an awesome treasure hidden at the end of the sea? Anyone who finds it will be King of the Pirates! There are incredible adventures just waiting for you! Have the courage, set sail and believe, join our club and you might find it!
Last comment 14 minutes ago by IntroverTurtle
Last post 3 hours ago
Created by Alipio
Sylph's CardShop~~ (SCS)
755 Members
Our club mainly focusses on providing card editions for our members, we also provide games and many other ways to satisfy you're stay, so join now^^!
Last comment 15 minutes ago by Athalon-Zero
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by Lyfa
Card Dreamland
674 Members
Lovers of cards this will turn into your Dreamland~
Last comment 16 minutes ago by Athalon-Zero
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by linette
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