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~Monia Café~
9171 Members
The Most Friendly Place In MAL :3
Last comment 1 minute ago by Harus
Last post 6 minutes ago
Created by SweetMonia
Anime Paradise Club (A.P.C.)
759 Members
A friendly place for people that can chat about anime, manga, and characters! Everyone is welcome! ^.^
Last comment 2 minutes ago by DarkSoldier2400
Last post 34 minutes ago
Created by DarkSoldier2400
Love Live! School Idol Festival
212 Members
A club for the Love Live School idol festival game
Last comment 4 minutes ago by AnimeSky
Last post Nov 18, 10:12 AM
Created by AnimeSky
【Anime Guild】
1782 Members
The Anime Guild is a club that provides a broad experience on MAL. We offer competitions and a discussion on the currently airing season, a review section, an active Skype group, and weekly simluwatches. If you are looking for a new club, why not us?
Last comment 5 minutes ago by Forgotten_Memo
Last post 5 hours ago
Created by LMDFY
Federación Latino-Americana [F:L/A]
1987 Members
Club de Anime para todos los Hispano Hablantes, Españoles, Latinos, Aliens, Si hablas español, este es tu lugar. Tenemos cards, juegos y muchos debates! [ Hispano - Latino - Spain - Spanish ]
Last comment 11 minutes ago by chivaguason
Last post 45 minutes ago
Created by NeoRAnma
🐾 Neko Pub 🐾
263 Members
This is a club where you can chat, play games and share your love for nekomimi!
Last comment 11 minutes ago by Plutia
Last post 16 minutes ago
Created by Ardanaz
Chill Club
4236 Members
Are you tired of all the raging idiots around you? Come and chill in our club~Chill'Club's 1st Birthday <3
Last comment 13 minutes ago by BadJuju
Last post 58 minutes ago
Created by Crazy_Cofee_Cat
Manga Alliance
72 Members
A club for anyone who loves reading manga or are interested in starting to read manga. Anyone is welcome to join.
Last comment 16 minutes ago
Last post 5 hours ago
Created by Tsuki-no-Usagi
I ♥ Yuri & Shoujo Ai
2539 Members
The Club for all Yuri and Shoujo Ai fans!
Last comment 20 minutes ago by anindigomoon
Last post 10 hours ago
Created by Juffe
MAL Dota 2
222 Members
Do you play Dota 2? Join the club!
Last comment 22 minutes ago by ftFate
Last post 11 hours ago
Created by SoulToxin
Otaku Organisation
383 Members
If you believe that your entire existence is centred on anime, then you have come to the right place. We stand for Otakus’ who love anime and expresses their amazing opinions.
Last comment 23 minutes ago by UpperCats
Last post 50 minutes ago
Created by Jackie_Ninja
Haruzakura Saloon
223 Members
A saloon where you play forum games (In need of a good admin)
Last comment 24 minutes ago by Dawn
Last post 23 minutes ago
Created by Noire
Date A Live Girls no Daisuki
889 Members
A fanclub for all those who enjoy the female characters of "Date A Live"
Last comment 24 minutes ago by Ragna92
Last post Yesterday, 2:21 AM
Created by DeathWish249
MAL's Alcoholics
135 Members
Come drink with us!
Last comment 24 minutes ago by KingYoshi
Last post Nov 23, 1:02 PM
Created by shotz_
Noob Club
715 Members
Club for anime/manga Newbies to meet fellow anime/ manga Noobs and meet new people, make new friends, Receive recommendations for anime to watch and also give recommendations to other members.
Last comment 25 minutes ago by UpperCats
Last post 8 minutes ago
Created by PapaCow