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Akasha: The Root of The World
3 Members
The Throne of Heroes
Last comment 2 minutes ago by Gibz0matic
Last post Feb 2, 1:45 PM
Created by Gibz0matic
Anime Paradise Club (A.P.C.)
2036 Members
A friendly place for people that can chat about anime, manga, and characters! Everyone is welcome! ^.^
Last comment 3 minutes ago by Kyou_Tadashi
Last post 53 seconds ago
Created by Vert
Harem&Ecchi Club
5561 Members
Love Harem&Ecchi? Want to find more awesome anime? Look no further!..As this is...The Harem&Ecchi Club!! We also offer some pretty cool Ecchi Cards!♥♥ [5000+ LE NOW OPEN]
Last comment 5 minutes ago by Kagami_Hiiragi
Last post 8 hours ago
Created by animekanji
Namine's Café
7612 Members
The little corner café of MAL: make friends, play in our massive anime comps, discuss anime or any topic, join our Steam & Osu Groups, play games, get cards, chat on Skype/IRC, and generally do what you want
Last comment 6 minutes ago by elkensteyin
Last post 5 minutes ago
Created by 0namine1
2332 Members
For those of us fans who have reached the cool decade of our twenties.
Last comment 8 minutes ago by talonbone
Last post 22 minutes ago
Created by JusticeUndone
Federación Latino-Americana [F:L/A] - BLOG ONLINE!
2254 Members
Club de Anime para todos los Hispano Hablantes, Españoles, Latinos, Aliens, Si hablas español, este es tu lugar. Tenemos cards, juegos y muchos debates! [ Hispano - Latino - Spain - Spanish ]
Last comment 9 minutes ago
Last post 26 minutes ago
Created by NeoRAnma
MAL Central
1491 Members
A club where you can chat, have fun and make friends. With games, chats and topics galore!
Last comment 13 minutes ago by Blankz88
Last post 4 minutes ago
Created by Dawn
The Rice Fields
444 Members
Official Autist Club
Last comment 13 minutes ago by ToxicMist
Last post Feb 4, 3:56 PM
Created by Redcaped_baldy
Movie/Anime Member Cards (MAMC)
557 Members
Like collecting cards? Claims? Requests? Games? We got them all (「・ω・)「
Last comment 13 minutes ago by littleally28
Last post 12 minutes ago
Created by littleally28
The Queen's Safe Haven
386 Members
Just a refreshingly lax gfx club ✿
Last comment 22 minutes ago by Pride
Last post 5 minutes ago
Created by Wrath
Shishio's Custom Lists & Profiles - Last vote for your 10 favorite cards!
7373 Members
Everything you need to customize your lists, profile, desktop, signature, and even your own member card. My premade layouts and easy tutorials with CSS & BBcode make it easy. Show off your designs after! We now host highly-praised member cards too!
Last comment 26 minutes ago by Shishio-kun
Last post 6 hours ago
Created by Shishio-kun
~Monia Café~
9082 Members
The Most Friendly Place In MAL :3
Last comment 30 minutes ago by Rogue_DeWolff
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by SweetMonia
Shiroku✰Highschool - A New World
351 Members
A highschool roleplay/RP for all those wishing for a different and profound experience...
Last comment 32 minutes ago by Gendo_Train
Last post 9 minutes ago
Created by Rozenluxis
Ethereal Realm
1113 Members
A peaceful utopian realm where everybody can just relax, collect cards, play our RP Games, and have fun. [STAFF RECRUITMENT OPEN]
Last comment 40 minutes ago by ShadowSpirit
Last post 1 minute ago
Created by philtecturophy
BT-kun's World II
75 Members
[第二章] The second part of the story begins
Last comment 41 minutes ago by ShadowSpirit
Last post Feb 1, 8:52 PM
Created by BT-kun