Akira Souma

Akira Souma
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Akira Souma (相馬 鏡)
The 17-year-old club president and founder of the eyeglasses club. He categorizes all of humanity into three groups: "glasses", "those who don't wear glasses", and "the ladies." He scolds those who wears contacts, going around and calling them "weaklings!!" There are many times when he, the passionate boy that he is, would argue with his fellow club-mates about glasses.

His favorite kind of glasses are ones with square frames, and both of his eyes have 0.03 vision (in the Japanese eyeglasses prescription notation).

His mantra: "No Megane, No life."

He is the most reckless among his fellow club member, that he often finds himself in trouble with the teachers. Though, despite of his recklessness and being a risk taker, he's actually afraid of bugs, especially praying mantis'.

(Source: ANN)

Voice Actors
Akabane, Kenji

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