Mayu "Android MAYUYU Code-CG-3; Mayu Watanabe Type 3; Mayuyu" Watanabe

Mayu Watanabe
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AKB0048: Next Stage
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AKB0048: Episode 0
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Mayu Watanabe (アンドロイド MAYUYU コード-CG-3; 3型目 渡辺 麻友)
Android MAYUYU Code-CG-3 is the 3rd member of AKB0048 to take up the name of Mayu Watanabe.

In front of the fans and cameras, she always wears her most charming idol smile, but normally, in the dorm and around the other members, she maintains an expressionless face and speaks in a deadpan voice. She occasionally utters something deep, but the truth of her words is unclear.

Voice Actors
Tamura, Yukari
Adams, Hayley

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