Sonata "Sonachi, Sonati" Shinonome

Sonata Shinonome
AKB0048 First Stage
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AKB0048 Next Stage
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Sonata Shinonome (東雲 楚方)
Age: 10 (11 in Next Stage)
Birthday: July 7, 37th Year of the Star Calendar
Height: 143 cm
Favorite foods: meatballs, spaghetti and meat sauce, and 2 liters of soy milk a day!
Quote: "We’re all gonna make it to the top! Yay!"

77th generation understudy. The youngest understudy, the shortest, very energetic… to be honest, she’s a bit like a feral child. Always gives people strange nicknames, but they rarely stick. She’s Kanata’s younger sister, and loves her older sister very much.

Voice Actors
Yagami, Kumi
Simmons, Juliet

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