Turnip Head "Prince Turnip"

Turnip Head
Howl no Ugoku Shiro
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Turnip Head (かかしのカブ)
A prince from a neighboring land who was turned into a scarecrow with a turnip for a head. The curse on him could only be broken by his true love's kiss. Sophie rescues him from the wasteland, and now he follows her around.

In the book Turnip Head is actually the king's brother, Justin, who had disappeared after searching for the missing Wizard Suliman. The witch of the waste took him and mixed some of his body parts with Suliman's, in order to make the perfect man, who she could make the new king. The scarecrow, who does not have a name, was actually summoned by Suliman to inform someone of his and Prince Justin's whereabouts.

Voice Actors
Freeman, Crispin
Oizumi, Yo
Jeon, Gwang ju
Prieto, Alan

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