Quiche "Kisshu, Dren, Kish, Kishu" Ikisatashi

Quiche Ikisatashi
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Quiche Ikisatashi (キッシュ)
Quiche is one of, if not the most important antagonist in the series.

Quiche is the first of the aliens to come to earth along with Pie Ikisatashi, and Tart Ikisatashi. His people were originally from Earth, and were forced to flee their planet. He hates humans for turning Earth into a trash heap so he, Tart, and Pai use Chimera animals to destroy the human race.

Kish enjoys torturing others and thinks of his enemies as "toys." He is also very possessive. He has a short-temper and is hard to control when he is angry. He would even attack one of his teammates out of sheer annoyance.

Voice Actors
Sakaguchi, Daisuke
Rannells, Andrew
Seder, Gábor
Bottale, Luca
Kim, Il
Dekoninck, Emmanuel

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