Subaru "Takanashi Punyuru, Barusu" Konoe

Subaru Konoe
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Subaru Konoe (近衛スバル)
Age: 16-17
Height: 165 cm (5'5")

A second year high school student who works as a butler for the Suzutsuki family. She dresses like a male due to the family circumstance of a must to have a male from her family to serve Kanade's family. Because of her being the only child, she has to cross-dress and Kanade's father only allowed her to be her butler if she could spend the entire 3 years at school with her true gender undiscovered, her physical features makes her believed by everyone to be a boy until one day, Kinjirō Sakamachi accidentally discovers her secret.

Like Kinjirō, she enjoys instant noodles and is also a fan of the popular "Lost Sheep" series of plush dolls.

Voice Actors
Iguchi, Yuka
Yun, Mi Na
Simmons, Genevieve

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