Barnaby "Bunny, Handsome, Revenge Boy" Brooks Jr.

Barnaby Brooks Jr.
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Barnaby Brooks Jr. (バーナビー・ブルックス Jr.)
Identity: Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Nicknames: Bunny, Super Rookie
Birthday: October 31, NC1953
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
NEXT Power: Hundred Power
Sponsors: Apallon Media (Sponsor Company for Bunny), Bandai,, "Crusade System" Card Series

Barnaby Brooks Jr. (バーナビー・ブルックスJr.) is a rookie hero who does not conceal his secret identity and the newest addition to Hero TV. Partnered with and possessing the same power as Wild Tiger, he relies more on strategy than force. He is liked by many people as he is seen as cool and handsome. He is currently the top-notch hero, with the famous title, "King of Heroes."

Barnaby is logical and won't rush off into a fight without a plan. Unlike his partner, he is only part in the hero business for the points he earned in his hero career. Barnaby used to act only for the fame and points, but that doesn't mean he is cold-hearted. His stoic and cool demeanor was eventually broken by Kotetsu. He actually does care about others, such as his nanny who bakes him a cake every year for his birthday. After Jake's arrest, Barnaby is shown more frequently with a smile and he seems to enjoy himself more often. Though he still cares about the points, he argues less and now works very well with Kotetsu.


(Source: Tiger & Bunny Wikia)

Voice Actors
Morita, Masakazu
Lowenthal, Yuri
Nagayoshi, Yuka
Méyère, Bruno

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