Kotaro "Legendary Shinobi" Fuuma

Kotaro Fuuma
Sengoku Basara
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Sengoku Basara Two
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Mini Sengoku Basara: Chousokabe-kun to Mouri-kun
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Kotaro Fuuma (風魔 小太郎)
Kanji Translation: Soaring Hurricane
Weapon: Dual Ninjatō
Element: Wind
Faction: Hōjō Army (SB), Matsunaga Army (SB2)

Fuuma Kotaro is the "Legendary Shinobi" of Sengoku Basara, hired by Hojo Ujimasa and then works to Matsunaga Hisahide. By killing anyone who sees him, he is able to remain a legend. He tends to work as a mercenary for the highest bidder. He is depicted as a man who never talks, but takes action immediately and never leaves any survivors.

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