Azami Midou

Azami Midou

Deadman Wonderland
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Azami Midou (御堂 アザミ)
A prisoner belonging to the human sector inside Deadman Wonderland. She befriended Ganta when he was admitted. After the Scar Chain incident, she was sent by Makina as a spy to the Deadmen sector and was transformed into a 'forgery,' artifical Deadman with scarcely any wills of their own, controlled by a mask they cannot take off. Ganta recognized her due to the star-shaped band-aid she put on her hand, and tried to protect her at the cost of his friendship with fellow Deadmen. Later on she teamed up with Shiro to rescue Ganta.

As a child, Azami was neglected by her parents. She joined a motorcycle gang in high school and was put in jail when she took all the blame for her friends after an accident. She keeps a pet.

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