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Evra Von

Darren Shan
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Evra Von
Known as 'Snake Boy' or 'Snake Man' as he grows older, performs at Cirque Du Freak. He helped Mr. Crepsley and Darren defeat Murlough in the third book, but was injured permanently when Murlough ripped scales off of Evra's right shoulder. He became one of Darren's best friends, yet because Evra ages normally and Darren ages 1/5 the normal rate, their bond thins as time goes on. Evra was born to normal parents, but they were horrified when they saw him, and left him at an orphanage, where he was picked on by the other children. When he was four, he was sold to a traveling circus where he was abused, locked in a glass tank, and forced to feel ugly, useless, and freakish. Seven years later, when he was eleven, he was rescued by Mr.Tall, joined the Cirque Du Freak, and stayed for the rest of his life. In book 12 he almost killed Steve himself for revenge for killing Shancus but is stopped by Mr. Tiny. Evra speaks with an American accent and is shy, which Darren thinks is due to his abusive childhood. After a time skip of several years, Darren returns to find that Evra has fallen in love with another freak called Merla who throws her ears like boomerangs and has three children, Shancus (who was named after Darren, was the oldest, and considered Darren his Godfather even though he wasn't), Urcha (he was mad because he was the only one without the snake skin) and Lillia (the smallest), Shancus of which performs with him at the time. Later, Shancus died with a broken neck because of Steve.

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