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Evergreen (エバーグリーン)
Evergreen is a 20 year-old member of Fairy Tail and a member of the team, Raijinshuu. As a child, it was her dream to be a fairy, so she joined Fairy Tail only for the name, with no interest in other things. She was lonely and anti-social as a child, due to her eyes being able to turn others into stone when looking into them. Her glasses suppress and control it because of its immense power. Recently, it has been revealed that she also uses exploding dust in combat. Because of her abilities, she was invited to join the Raijinshuu. Her Fairy Tail stamp is located on her right bosom.

Evergreen's primary magic is her Stone Eyes, which turn anyone who looks into them into stone. This ability is very similar to the mythological monster, Medusa. Overtime, those turned to stone will turn to dust, and she is supposedly able to turn them to dust upon her own command. Evergreen wears glasses so as to contain her powers in public.

Voice Actors
Glass, Caitlin
Seto, Saori
Desplaces, Catherine