Phantom Daughter "Mirage, Phantom, Kumoi Yuuri"

Phantom Daughter
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Phantom Daughter (ファントム・ドーター)
Phantom Daughter is the daughter of the head of Black Phantom, an organization that brainwashes child espers and sells them as assassins. She is an esper herself-- a hypnosis user-- and personally brainwashes Black Phantom's espers for her father. Her level has yet to be stated, but it has been hinted that she may be Level 7 or higher.

Phantom Daughter has three personalities:
"Mirage" (ミラージュ), the true personality (who appears with blonde hair). Her real name is Yuuri (ユーリ), but is identified as Mirage for the sake of preventing confusion. She appears to be starting to rebel against her father. Mirage created Phantom as an outlet for her feelings due to not being able to express them in any way herself. While storic and devoid of feelings most of the time, she is very protective of Nai, her bodyguard.

"Phantom" (ファントム), a more sadistic personality with hot pink hair who houses the supposed true intentions and feelings of Phantom Daughter. She wants to 'play' with "The Children" forever, often causing trouble for them.

"Kumoi Yuuri" (雲居悠理), a shy normal (no powers) girl with dark hair who is actually a fake personality, but is unaware of it. She was created by "Mirage" to live as a regular Japanese schoolgirl and get closer to Kaoru, Aoi, and Shiho.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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