Divergence Eve
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Divergence Eve 2: Misaki Chronicles
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Nationality: Watchers Nest
Rank: Support Android
Age: 10
Size: 135 cm, 65-42-67
Special Ability: Marksmanship
Weak Point: Bug

The Kotoko-series support android by the same name is nearly always by Lyar's side, both literally and figuratively. Appearing as a ten year old girl, she fits the role with her childlike excitement, but is nevertheless shown to be extremely capable of both flying her R.A. and handling a minigun. Her main fault is that her loyalty only extends as far as her programming, a weakness exploited by Bernard when Kotoko is reprogrammed to shoot anyone attempting to pursue him. She and Lyar seem to have a sort of older sister/younger sister relationship, and Lyar is often the one who updates Kotoko's programming when the need arises.

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Voice Actors
Matsuki, Miyu
Paysinger, Sasha

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