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Suzaku (朱雀)
Suzaku is the final member of the Four Beasts, a phoenix-like demon whose hair acts as antennae. His powers are lightning-based; however, he also uses a flute to control the Makai Bug-infected humans in Human World to do as commanded. After his fellow Saint Beasts were killed, Suzaku sent the infested humans to kill Keiko Yukimura opon recieving information from his pet demon bird Murugu. Yusuke had a difficult time against Suzaku and his lightning and ability to split himself into seven people, although he unknowingly damaged one of Suzaku's antennas causing his lightning attacks to miss slightly. However when Keiko was about to be killed and with no Reiki, Yusuke nearly sacrificed himself to use his life energy to use his Shotgun technique to kill all seven Suzakus. Before dying he expresses remorse and acknowledges Yusuke's belief of protecting people. This makes him the most honorable of the Four Sacred Beasts. Suzaku's haircut is very similar to the haircut of Jareth the Goblin King, the villain of the movie Labyrinth. Furthermore, he is an Upper C class demon.

Voice Actors
Tobita, Nobuo
Jewell, Jerry
D'Andrea, Simone
Briggs, Guilherme
Hamvas, Dániel
Shin, Yong Wu
Trifol Segarra, Albert

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