Megumi Wakao

Megumi Wakao
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Megumi Wakao
Gallerist Megumi wants to have the paintings of her late husband Kazuma, but Kyousoke, the natural son and sole heir refused to publish them. She proposes a deal that she gets nothing except the paintings and it regulates into the matter of the property tax. When he still does not agree, she offers him her own daughter Yuna, so that he can do as he pleases with her. She tries to make a calculated, sophisticated and also quite cold impression, because there is one thing that she can not forgive her husband for, and that is his masterpiece, the painting "The Yearn of the Morn". After he agrees, she feels doubt about the deal, when she realizes how much her ​​offer to Kyousuke exploits Yuna, so she suggests taking her place. Since it is already too late, because now Yuna from free piece maintains the sadomasochistic relationship with her stepbrother. The disposition of her daughter seems to run in families, to their own surprise because it's not long until Megumi proposes in the same vein.

Voice Actors
Ryou, Nagumo
Conley, Shannon