Preia "Pry" Pyordoba

Preia Pyordoba

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Preia Pyordoba
She is the daughter of Biyon and Bii and the only heir to the throne of Rimira. After a sudden tragedy she becomes the Queen of Rimira at a very young age and is supported by many loyal people. She grew up on an island with Bii and Eshild (Eshe) whom she thinks of like an aunt. She has the courage and bravery of her father and kindness and strong will of her mother. Her appearance resembles both Biyon and Bii making her the prettiest character drawn in "Princess" taking after her mother (Bii) from the first generation. She does have feelings for Heoric Vaida (Hiro) and they are predicted to be together later on in the story, with Prince Sibel being the other suitor for her.

(source: K0K05)

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