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March 18th, 2015
Anime Relations: Arslan Senki (TV)
☆ Starting date:-March 18th, 2015
☆ Completed anime: 543 (at sign up) 592 (current)
☆ Link to your list:-kanon-chan

☆ Status:

Plan to Watch

☆ Difficulty:-Hard

☆ Challenge list:

» Watch a movie-The Princess and the Pilot
 » Watch a short anime-Steel Angel Kurumi & Steel Angel Kurumi Encore
 » Watch an ONA-Nihon Animator Mihonichi
 » Watch an award-winning work-Millennium Actress (Animation Kobe Winner For A Theatrical Movie in 2003)
  tip: check Wikipedia or AniDB for ideas

» Watch an anime with a character voiced by one of your favorite seiyuu (Megumi Hayashibara)
 » Watch an anime by a director/composer/studio you like-Triage X (XEBEC)
 » Watch an early work of an established anime staff member (10+ roles)-Shingetsutan Tsukihime (TYPE-MOON/Kinoko Nasu)

» Watch an anime that started the year you joined MAL or later-Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer (2010)
 » Watch an anime that meets the ½(your age) + 7 rule-The Weathering Continent (1992)
  e.g. if you're 20 now: ½(20) + 7 = 17, so the anime must have finished in 1998 or earlier

» Watch an anime with a main cast (3+ characters) of only one gender-The Heroic Legend of Arslan
 » Watch an anime that focuses on non-romantic relationships-Last Exile
 » Watch an anime with children in it-Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya-S1 Specials, 2wei! Specials, 2wei! OVA, & 2wei Herz!
 » Watch an anime with a non-human main character-Kyoukai no Rinne (Character-Rokumon)
 » Watch an anime about food, music OR art-Sora no Woto + Sora no Woto (Specials) (Music)
 » Watch a historical OR military anime-Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season (Military)
 » Watch a slice of life OR comedy anime-The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan
 » Watch a horror, sci-fi OR fantasy anime-Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor-Exodus
 » Watch an anime that is tagged with a genre you dislike
 » Watch an anime that does not take place primarily in Japan, but is still within our universe-Ikoku Meiro no Croisée & Episode 4.5 (Late 19th Century France)
 » Watch an anime that has a main character that is a professional in his field (e.g. doctor, detective)-Bartender (Character-Ryuu Sasakura [Bartender])
 » Watch an anime with an archetype as a main character-Yume de Aetara (Character-Masuo Fuguno [Megane Salaryman])
 » Watch an anime with a character/setting that you can relate to

» Watch an anime one-/two-/three-cours (or more) in length (easy/medium/hard)-Mobile Suit Gundam 00 & Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season
 » Watch an anime adapted from a manga with a score of 8.0 or higher-Hotarubi no Mori e
 » Watch an anime adapted from a novel, light novel or video game-Sengoku Musou (Video Game)
 » Watch an anime that has been adapted to live action-Grave of the Fireflies
  tip: check this club for ideas
 » Watch an original anime-Detonator Orgun

» Watch an anime with a score of 7.0 or below-AIKa R-16:Virgin Mission & AIKa-ZERO
 » Watch an anime ranked in the top 300-Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season
 » Watch an anime that someone on your friends' list rated a 10-Basilisk (Samus)
 » Watch an anime with less than 10k/20k/30k completed members-Violence Jack (less than 10k)-Evil Town, Harlem Bomber, & Hell's Wind

Challenge related

 » Watch an anime recommended to you by another Anime Watching Challenge participant
 » Watch an anime that another user has watched for this challenge-K (Watched By-blueoblivionx)
 » Watch an anime recommended to a title you scored the highest for this challenge (so far)

» Re-watch an anime
 » Watch an anime that starts with the same first letter as your username-Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora + Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora (Specials)
 » Watch an anime that has a non-Japanese title-Walkure Romanze (German)
 » Watch an anime that has a verb in its title-Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise
 » Choose a random trope from TVTropes and watch an anime listed under the trope-Crying Freeman-Manchurian Agent
 » Watch a staff member's favorite anime-AnoHana Staff Member-arsonal (Anime DB Moderator)
  tip: and then comment on their profile about it, if you're not shy~

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October 1st, 2014




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August 13th, 2013
Below is my collection of DVD's I have collected over the years since becoming an anime fan. Most of my collection consists of classic anime titles of the 80's and the 90's as much of what I favor come from those two decades, but I also have quite a few titles from anime of the 00's as well and a certain beloved classic from the 70's. I collect anime DVD's of those shows/movies I enjoyed and from a variety of genres.

70's TV Series

-The Rose of Versailles Complete Collection

80's OVA's

-Bubblegum Crisis Complete Collection
-Fight!! Iczer-One
-Gall Force 2: Destruction
-Gall Force 3: Stardust War
-Top Wo Nerae! Gunbuster Complete Collection
-Hades Project Zeorymer
-Kimagure Orange Road
-Megazone 23 Part I
-Rhea Gall Force
-Vampire Princess Miyu

80's Movies

-The Five Star Stories
-Gall Force: Eternal Story
-Kimagure Orange Road Movie 1: I Want to Return to That Day

90's TV Series

-Bakuretsu Hunters Complete Collection
-Blue Gender Complete Collection (Includes the Warrior Movie from 2002)
-Blue Seed Complete Collection
-Cowboy Bebop Complete Collection
-Gasaraki Complete Collection
-Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Collection 1
-Marmalade Boy: Sets 1 & 2
-Martian Successor Nadesico Complete Collection (Includes the Prince of Darkness Movie & Gekiganger 3 OVA)
-Neon Genesis Evangelion Complete Collection
-Outlaw Star Complete Collection
-Ranma 1/2: Seasons 4-7

90's OVA's

-AD Police Files
-AIKa Complete Collection
-All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
-Armitage III
-Blue Seed 2
-Burn Up!
-Burn Up W
-Devil Hunter Yohko Complete Collection
-Dirty Pair Flash Complete Collection
-Key the Metal Idol Complete Collection
-Macross II
-Macross Plus
-Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team Complete Collection & Miller's Report Movie
-Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz & Special Edition Movie
-New Cutey Honey
-Ranma 1/2 OVA Complete Collection
-Record of Lodoss War Complete Collection
-Rurouni Kenshin Tsuiokuhen
-Sakura Wars OVA 1
-Shamanic Princess
-Tenchi Muyo OVA 1 & 2
-Sorcerer on the Rocks
-Super Atragon

90's Movies

-Mobile Suit Gundam F91
-New Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning
-Perfect Blue
-Tenchi Muyo in Love
-Tenchi Muyo: Daughter of Darkness

00's TV Series

-AIR Complete Collection
-Banner of the Stars I & II Complete Collection
-Black Lagoon Complete Collection (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)
-Elemental Gelade (Everything Except DVD Volume 5)
-Fafner Complete Collection
-Full Metal Panic Complete Collection
-Full Metal Panic!: TSR Complete Collection
-Gensomaden Saiyuki Complete Collection
-Kanon 2006 Complete Collection
-Kiddy Grade Complete Collection
-s-CRY-ed Complete Collection
-Sakura Wars TV Complete Collection
-Shingetsutan Tsukihime Complete Collection
-X/1999 Complete Collection
-Peacemaker Kurogane Complete Collection

10's TV Series

-Highschool of the Dead Complete Collection
-Mardock Scramble Movie Trilogy Collection
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May 5th, 2013
Top 50 Favorite TV Anime

Idol Densetsu Eriko
Kimagure Orange☆Road
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Ranma ½
Rose of Versailles
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

After War Gundam X
Blue Gender
Blue Seed
Cowboy Bebop
Crest of the Stars
Magic Knight Rayearth & Magic Knight Rayearth II
Mamotte Shugogetten!
Marmalade Boy
Martian Successor Nadesico
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Outlaw Star
Sorcerer Hunters
Turn A Gundam

Ayashi no Ceres
Banner of the Stars & Banner of the Stars II
Black Lagoon & Black Lagoon-The Second Barrage
Chance Triangle Session
Clannad & Clannad ~After Story~
Elemental Gelade
Full Metal Panic!
Full Metal Panic!-The Second Raid
Kanon 2006
Kiddy Grade
Lunar Legend Tsukihime
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Pumpkin Scissors
Sakura Wars TV
Samurai 7

The Betrayal Knows My Name
Fate/Zero & Fate/Zero 2nd Season
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Highschool of the Dead
Triage X
Walkure Romanze

Top 25 Favorite OVA's

Armitage III
Bubblegum Crisis
Burn Up W
Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten
Devil Hunter Yohko
Dirty Pair Flash-OVA 1/OVA 2/OVA 3
Fight!! Iczer-One
Gall Force-Eternal Story/Destruction/Stardust War/Rhea/Earth Chapter
Hellsing Ultimate
IRIA: Zeiram the Animation
Key the Metal Idol
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights
Macross II: Lovers Again
Macross Plus
Megazone 23-Part I
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Record of Lodoss War
Rurouni Kenshin Tsuiokuhen
Shamanic Princess
Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster
Vampire Princess Miyu

Top 15 Favorite Anime Movies

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
The Five Star Stories
Kimagure Orange☆Road: I Want to Return to That Day
Macross: Do You Remember Love?
Mardock Scramble-The First Compression/The Second Combustion/The Third Exhaust
Millennium Actress
Mobile Police Patlabor
Mobile Suit Gundam F91
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
New Kimagure Orange☆Road: Summer's Beginning
Perfect Blue
The Princess and the Pilot
Tenchi Muyo! in Love
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October 26th, 2011
-A Few of the Cards I Have Collected From Clubs I'm A Part Of-

My Club Cards

My Christmas Card From the One Divine Club

My Valentine's Day Card From the One Divine Club
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