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August 3rd, 2011
Anime Relations: Yuru Yuri
I want to apologize for my English. I'm not very good at writting/talking in this lenguage, even when I can understand a 80% of it. But I feel more confortable doing it in this way (yeah, I know It sound weird but it's like that). So I really sorry if it doesn't have any sense at some parts. (^_^U)

First of all, the ''MFG'' at the title is short for ''My Favorite Girls'' (I know that is also for ''Mother F*cking Good'', but...). And, yes, the entry it's about the anime girls the i really like.

I want to start talking about something that recently has been attracting my atention a lot. That's the Yui Funami's hair-style, that it's very simple but also to me it seems really cute.

I really don't know how to describe it. Maybe... messy?
It's looks some like a combination between short and little-long hair (?).
. . .
Well, even when I can't describe it, I really like a lot.
But It doesn't is the only thing I like about Yui. She's also a very nice kuudere, and that's good (for me).

About Yui, she's a 14 girl that work really hard to keep Kyouko in check.
That two girls are childhood friends and have a really good relationship.

Chinatsu is in love with her, but I prefer the ''Kyouko X Yui'' so it was kind of frustrating to see this scene:

I prefer this one:

Also, her department is great; she have a clean room with games, computer and manga. That's all I need to have a nice time -w-

She looks good with other cloth style too. Like cosplay and swimsuit:

So, basically, she's a responsable and very cute girl.


Now, the points:
Appearance: 86
Attitude: 79
Role in the series: 59
Main Points: 224
Extra Points:
-Very cute hairstyle (+15)
-Yuri (+7)
-Kuudere (+8)
-Good wife (+20)
Total: 274

Final Score: 9.13
Posted by AoiTsu | 08-03-11, 7:30 PM | 0 comments
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