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March 9th, 2014
Anime Relations: Natsume Yuujinchou

The Samurai Who Saved the Forest

Long ago in ancient Japan there was a great forest. This forest was home to all sorts of animals and was filled with beautiful flowers and trees. The grass there was green, the bright blue rivers flowed, and all was peaceful....Until....One day a powerful demon who was called Naraku came and brought darkness upon the once beautiful forest. The flowers and grass withered, the rivers dried up, and the animals who once lived there fled.

In a village not too far from this forest lived a young samurai by the name of Haruyuki Ichigo. The village Haruyuki lived in depended on this forest for it provided the people there with food and resources. Without it everyone would surely starve to death. With this in mind Haruyuki set out on a journey to the forest to find out what had happened. Wishing him good luck the villagers prayed that this samurai could save the forest from whatever evil had fallen upon it.

Marching by day and sleeping by night the samurai hurried towards the forest. Along the way Haruyuki heard rumors of what had happened to the forest. Some said it was the wrath of the gods while others said it was the armies fault. As Haruyuki neared his destination he was prepared for whatever danger may await him.

Finally arriving at the forest, the sight that met Haruyuki's eyes horrified him. What once was a beautiful sanctuary of nature was now a desolate wasteland of dead trees and burned grass. All of a sudden the sound of vile laughter filled the area. In a gust of wind the demon Naraku appared in front of Haruyuki. "What is this that stands before me," cackled Naraku, "a human?" "I have come to restore the forest in order to save my village," the samurai replied back. "HA HA HA HA oh really petty human?" Naraku replied back nastily.

Drawing his sword out of its scabbard, Haruyuki knew that he would have to defeat this demon if he wanted to save the forest. "You dare challenge me?" scoffed Naraku with a smirk on his face, "Very well show me what you can do human!" Rushing forward, sword in hand, Haruyuki engaged the demon in battle. As the two fought their attacks made the ground quake and whirlwinds fly. Their battle raged for a full day before finally concluding. Stabbing his sword through the demon's chest, Naraku fell dead and Haruyuki claimed victory. Naraku's body began disolving into the air and eventually dissapeared. A crack of lightning filled the air and rain began falling down onto the barren land. But this was no ordinary rain. This rain was filled with the energy of the demon Haruyuki had just slain. As the water flowed through the forest the grass, trees, and flowers, once dead began growing again, and the before dried up rivers began flowing as they used too. The forest was now alive as it originally was now that the evil demon Naraku was vanquished.

Returning to his village, Haruyuki received a heroes welcome. Cheers rang out and everyone feasted yelling "HARUYUKI IS OUR HERO! HE HAS BROUGHT LIFE BACK TO THE FOREST AND DEFEATED THE DEMON NARAKU!" Afterwards the parents of the village would tell their children the story of how the brave samurai Haruyuki saved the forest. This story was passed down generation to generation and even to this day is still told.

The End

Hmmm that wasn't to bad, I like it. At first I was going to do an indian story but it was still gonna be about a forest dying. All of a sudden the idea of it being a japanese themed story came to mind and so at the last second I went with it. For the writing I thought it was pretty good and the detail of the forest was nice. If there's one thing that could be changed I'd probably say it's the battle part between Naraku and Haruyuki. But other then that I thought it was pretty good and that ending part was great.
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February 8th, 2014
Anime Relations: Mushishi
Chapter 9 Gun Versus Blade

Setting: Oak Tree Highschool/Hallway

om nom nom nom*

Peter is sitting on the floor eating a hot dog*

Slurp slurp slurp*

Peter drinks all of the water in his water bottle*

Peter: Ahh that hit the spot! Ok time to continue forward

Peter gets up and starts walking down the hallway*

Tap tap tap*

Peter stops suddenly*

Peter's mind: Man I really need to use the restroom dangit I wonder if there's one close by?

Peter looks left, right, forward, and behind him*

Peter's mind: Shoot there's not one in sight and I really have to go 0_0 I could just pee out the window........ hmmm although I could just pee right here...but that would make a mess. Gah which choice do I choose.......Ok I'll go into that classroom right ahead and if there's a window I'll pee out of it and if not I'll just pee in the corner!

Tap tap tap tap*

Peter runs toward the classroom in front of him*

Peter stops suddenly as a person steps out from behind a corner*

Standing before Peter is Aaron*

Peter: Oh come on damn it! I have to use the restroom really bad, can we do this after that?!

Aaron: 0_0........

Aaron seems slightly shocked at this sudden statement*

Aaron starts thinking*

Aaron's mind: I could let him go use the restroom so he could fight at his full potential against me. But if I fight him here and now he would be easier to defeat because he would have to suppress his urge to pee.

Aaron smiles*: Nope you'll have to hold it in let's fight here and now!

Peter: Damn it! Fine I'll take care of you quickly and then I'll use the restroom!


Aaron transforms his arm into a Dick blade*

Peter transforms his arm into a Dick psycho gun*


Aaron rushes at Peter*


Peter fires a few shots at Aaron*

Shing shing shing*

Aaron deflects the shots with his Dick blade*

Tap tap tap*

Aaron rushes upon Peter*

Peter: Damn!

Peter's mind: Gotta block


Peter focuses his Dick energy into his arm and prepares to block Aaron's attack*


Peter blocks the attack with his arm reinforced with Dick energy*

Peter's arm trembles under the weight of Aaron's Dick blade*

Aaron's blade slowly starts to cut Peter's arm*

Peter's mind: Damn it my Dick energy isn't enough to stop his sword


Peter tries to kick Aaron but Aaron jumps away*

On Peter's arm is a small cut with blood slowly pouring out*

Aaron's mind: Good, his Dick energy isn't enough to stop my Dick blade. I'll cut him more and more before he loses conciousness due to blood loss.

Tap tap tap*

Aaron rushes once more at Peter ready to attack with his Dick blade*

Slice slice slice slice slice*

Aaron continously slashes at Peter.

Peter's arms are cut all over because they are not strong enough to stop the attacks fully*

Peter's mind: I need to create distance between us so I can go on the offensive.

Stomp* CRASH*

Peter focuses a small amount of Dick energy into his leg and stomps on the ground* Pieces of the floor break apart and fly upwards*

Aaron: Wha!


Taking advantage of Aaron's surprise, Peter quickly without focusing his Dick energy elbows Aaron in the ribs sending him flying backwards*

Pew pew pew pew*

Peter fires off shots from his psycho gun but misses as Aaron rolls out of the way*

Peter's mind: Good now it's time to lay on some heavy fire on him!


Peter transforms his arm into a Dick psycho machine gun*


Peter fires his Dick psycho machine gun and a spray of bullets shoot toward Aaron*

Aaron: DAMN


Aaron dashes inside a closeby classroom, barely dodging the barrage of Dick energy bullets*

Peter aims at the classroom Aaron is hiding in and continues firing*


Crack, shatter, crash*

Pieces of wood and glass go flying as the bullets collide into the classroom*

Aaron's mind: SHIT this is insane! I need to stop his concentrated fire. How to do that dangit what can I use.

Peter's mind: That's right stay hiding and wait for my bullets to finally hit you, you bastard!......GUAH damn it....the urge to pee has come back!

Peter stops firing and crosses his leg trying to keep himself from peeing his pants*

Aaron's mind: Now's my chance!


Aaron grabs a chair beside him, jumps out of the classroom from where he was hiding and throws the chair at Peter*


The chair hits Peter in the stomach and knocks him to the ground*

Peter: Guaaah!

Aaron's mind: Now's my chance!


Aaron rushes at Peter, jumps in the air, and aims at Peter's chest with his blade*

Peter see's Aaron flying at him and rolls out of the way*


Aaron's Dick blade/arm lodges into the ground missing Peter*

Aaron stares at Peter who is next to him 0_0 *

Tug tug*

Aaron tries to pull out his Dick Blade from the ground*

Tug tug*

With no luck Aaron tries pulling harder*

Aaron: 0_0.......Damn it

Peter smiles evily: ^_^ Game over!


Peter undos his psycho gun transformation and instead focuses a lot of Dick energy into that arm*


Peter smashes Aaron's face with his fist. The punch sends Aaron flying and he crashes into a wall*


Aaron in a mumbled voice: I can't let you go any from reaching........ugah

Aaron's face slumps as he falls unconciuos*

Peter raises his fist into the air*: YES I got him!.......Shoot I gotta pee! Aughh I can't hold it in any longer*

Peter unzips his pants and pees*

*One much need restroom break and a hotdog snack later*

Peter: Ahhhh that's more like it! Now I'm read for anything!

Peter's mind in a serious voice: Ok I'm on the top floor, now where do I find this boss of theirs?....It's gotta be the principals office! If I remember right it was down that hall over there.

Peter heads off in the principal's office direction*

Flash Back

*Aaron's Memory*

Aaron's narrarator voice: Harry and I have been friends since childhood. We first met at the playground in McDonalds and ever since then have been best friends.

Setting: McDonalds

Harry's Mom: Go on Harry, go and play for a bit while I read my book ^_^

Harry: Ok mommy

Harry heads off to the playground*

Harry starts walking/crawling/climbing throughout the playground*

Harry: Hey you

Harry points at Aaron*

Aaron: Huh 0.0 Me?

Harry: Ya you, you wanna play together?

Aaron: Sure what's your name?

Harry: I'm Harry what's yours?

Aaron: I'm Aaron and I'm seven years old, how old are you?

Harry: I'm seven years old too that's great, we're the same age.

Aaron and Harry start playing with each other* (not in a sexual matter of course.....goodness what was your dirty mind thinking Mr. reader?)


Harry: Hey mom I met a new friend!

Before Harry's Mom stands her son and Aaron*

Harry's Mom: Oh how nice ^_^ What's his name!

Harry: His name's Aaron and he's seven years old, just like me!

Harry's Mom: That's great have you two been having a fun time play together?

Harry: You bet! Hey can Aaron come over to my place to play maybe one of these days?

Harry's Mom: I don't see why not. Aaron is your mom here, could I maybe meet her?

Aaron: Sure she's right over there!

Aaron in narrarator voice: Yep it all started at McDonalds but since then we've done everything together!

Setting: Harry's House

Aaron: Hey Harry, do you know how to solve this problem?

Harry and Aaron are doing homework together*

Harry takes a look at the problem that Aaron shows him*

Harry: Hmmm......Nope ಥ‿ಥ Just put down a random number and hope for the best!

Aaron: 0_0 That doesn't sound like the best option but ok.

Scribble scribble*

Harry: OK done! Hey Aaron wanna play some Ultimate Fighter 9,000?

Aaron: You bet!

click, tap, whiz*

Harry starts up the game on his console*


Harry: You always go for characters with swords, why is that?

Aaron: Because swords are awesome why else? Why do you go for the female characters every time?

Harry: Ummm because they're hot and kick ass, why else?

Aaron: Ha ha ha ha ya you got a point there but this time I'll beat you!

Aaron and Harry play the game throughout the night*

Aaron in narrarator voice: Then at age fifteen my parents sent me to an all boys school. I wanted to go to the same school as Harry but they wouldn't change their decision

Setting: Hary and Aaron walking on a road in a neighborhood

Harry: Don't let it get you down man, just because we aren't going to the same school doesn't mean we won't be able to talk and hang out.

Aaron: Ya but I'm still not happy about it.....

Harry: Here how about we go to the pizza parlor and have pizza as a celebration before you head off to school tomorrow?

Aaron: Now pizza is something I could go for! Sure let's go do that!

Harry smiles suspiciously*: Last one there though has to buy the drinks!

Harry runs quickly towards the pizza parlor*


Aaron rushes after Harry*

Aaron in narrarator voice: Ya things were great back then. Harry made friends in the school he was going too although he told me he got into fights a lot. He introduced me to Ian and Jacob and we became instant friends. Whenever we had tests coming up and got together to study Ian always helped Jacob and Harry with problems they didn't understand. I swear those two would have flunked the grade if it weren't for him.

Aaron in narrarator voice: Jacob like Harry always loved a fight. Those two would constantly spar with each other but never did any serious damage to each other like broken bones. Once in a while Ian and I would join in but we couldn't compare to them in fighting strength. However whenever I fought with a sword of some sort (you know sticks or plastic swords) I did a lot better. One time I even beat Jacob that way ha ha ^_^ Ya we really loved those carefree days. We wished they could go on forever but life took an unexpected turn for all of us when "that" happened.

Setting: Abandoned factory, it is raining outside

Harry: 0_0 Why.....*sniffle* WHY? Damn it I wasn't there to stop them....

Tears stream down Harry's face*


Ian: Har....

Aaron puts his hand on Ian's shoulder*: Ian let him be

Harry: I have the power to do it......with my Dickman abilities I can kill all of them!

Ian: Kill? Harry what do you mean?


Ian: But could have....


Aaron in narrarator voice: When it happened the four of us were 18 years old. Leaving our homes all we left were letters to our parents telling them that we were on a journey and for them not to worry about us. We set up headquarters in Oak Tree Highschool which was shut down due to most of the students not graduating. It was located deep in the woods and served as the perfect place to live. During this time Jacob and I became Dickmen. With Harry's Dickman abilities it was possible through him forcing Dick energy into our bodies. With Ian's weak body however, Harry thought it best that he didn't become a Dickman. Instead he had Ian lead the men who joined our cause who numbered around one thousand. Most of them were highschool students who like Harry, wanted to fight against the gangs. Harry made them swear secrecy and with Ian in command of them they turned into a well trained fighting force.

Aaron in narrarator voice: Finally after half a year since Harry's decision everything was ready. The plan was simple: With each of us leading a group of men we would suprise attack all of the large gang groups in one night all around the city. Harry didn't just want the gang members in jail, he wanted them dead and it seemed he wouldn't be at peace until it happened.

Aaron's mind: But then he showed up.....Why Peter? Why did you have to show up when we were so close.....Or is it a good thing?........ Can you stop this hatred that has controlled Harry for so long?

Narrarator: The goal of Harry's group has been revealed: Destroy all of the gangs! With Aaron defeated Peter heads off in search of the principal's office where Harry is waiting!

Music starts playing:

Setting: Principal's Office

Harry mind: Ian and his battalion are finished.....Jacob is defeated and so is Aaron by the sounds of it. Just who is this Peter and why must he appear now of all times when we're so close to achieving our goal! Alyssa for your sake I won't be stopped....I'll avenge you I promise. This isn't over, there's still time! Peter I will stop you no matter what!


The Principal's Office doors open*


Peter walks in*

Harry's mind:.....Ian.....Jacob......Aaron.....all the men who joined us........I won't let your sacrifices be in vain! I'll stop Peter here!

Narrarator: Two men stand facing each other in this office in Oak Tree Highschool. Peter who is clueless of the reasons for everything that is happening, but has unwittingly wrecked destruction upon the plan of the person standing in front of him. Harry a man who has gone through great sorrow and is controlled by hatred. The final showdown between these two Dickmen is about to happen.

-To be Continued-

Chapter 9 End
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February 6th, 2014
Anime Relations: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Chapter 8.5 Great Teacher Simone Lesson 1

Setting: Simone's House. Simone is laying in bed watching the t.v.

Simone: Cough cough cough* I wonder how Peter is doing by himself right now? Well it's probably going fine, I mean he's grown quite a bit since he first became a Dickman.

Narrarator: So Simone can you explain to us some more about Dickmen and their abilities?

Simone: Wait what? But...I'm watching my dvd....

Narrarator: But the readers want to know more! Can't your Hot Naked Male Oil Wrestling wait for a minute?

Simone: Fine I guess I can if they want to know that badly


Simone pauses his Hot Naked Male Oil Wrestling dvd on the t.v.

Simone: Well you already know how people become Dickmen and how they can transform their bodies right? I also talked about how Dickmen abilities take up energy and how they are slightly limited in some of the things they can do correct? Let's see here.....

Narrarator: How much does Dick energy amplify a person's abilities by?

Simone: That depends on how much Dick energy a person concentrates in a particular area. If it's a very small amount it could enhance a person's strength by about two times. If it's a bit more it could be three times and let's say it's a large amount it could even be seven times the normal power. However this all depends on a persons efficiency in energy control.

Narrarator: Wait energy control?

Simone: Energy control is how well the Dick energy flows through your body. It's kinda difficult to explain but basically it means having better control over the energy itself. So remember when Peter first did his arm transformation? That was his Dick Energy working without him thinking about it. When you have a strong picture of your mind your Dick energy flows on its own and transforms your body. But let's say you have direct control over the Dick energy. This allows you to use it to its full potential.

Narrarator: Ok I'm understanding this, so with Dick energy control what things can you do with it?

Simone: Well for one thing you can cut back on energy consumption. When you do a basic transformation with no control over the energy you use a lot more then you would, if you had control over the flow of the energy. Same goes for attacking with Dick energy. With Peter's psycho gun if he were to master the flow of Dick energy his power would increase greatly.

Narrarator: So to sum it all up good things happen to those who master the flow of Dick energy right?

Simone: Yep but it takes practice because you gotta get a feel for it.

Narrarator: Well I think the readers learned a lot today. Thanks for taking time to tell us more about Dickmen and their fascinating abilities.

Simone: No problem, I'm glad it helped! Cough Cough* Anyways I'm gonna get back to my dvd ^_^

Chapter 8.5 End
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