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06-23-11, 4:58 PM
These images were all done by me. They cannot be used for profit or passed off as your own work. Thanks and enjoy :)

Flower photos

Sunsets from Southern California (Redondo Beach/Torrance area)


From a plane over Nevada/California

Random images from near my house

Black and white winter night photos at Ohio State University


Birds at the beach

Black and white shower

Solarization (filter applied with camera)


Night photos



Winter photos

Flowers digitally modified

Winter (digitally modified)

Posted by Lotus97 | 06-23-11, 4:58 PM | 12 comments
Catpaw | 02-14-12, 11:05 AM
What a nice gallery you have! I like many of them, if i were to choose i'd say i like the flowers and the black & white winter ones, amazing! I also loved the 1st from leaves, the ones from the airplane and the 2nd winter digitally modified.
You took one of a pigeon! Most people don't like pigeons but i love them because they're so funny :D
Keep up the good work ^o^
nopea_sieni | 02-13-12, 2:33 PM
Some stuff here, genuinely jaw-dropping.
MoonXArtemis | 10-10-11, 6:23 PM
wow this are like really awesome photos!! i LOVE EM! specially the sunset ones :D
Yae-Yae | 09-13-11, 10:47 AM
I know Redondo Beach and the Torrance area. I used to work for Harbor UCLA at the Research and Education Institute. Had two co-workers who lived in San Pedro and had a wonderful view of the ocean from their respective homes.
You are gifted with photography as well, enjoyed them, thanks. ^^
Lotus97 | 08-11-11, 7:45 AM
I was in college, but I was only able to take a few art classes before I dropped out
otaku_Life | 08-10-11, 6:15 PM
Ohh are you planing on going to school for
DarkMvR | 08-05-11, 4:17 AM
Trees and winter photos were realy nice good job.
minimiau | 07-12-11, 11:03 AM
The photos are really nice. I like black and white winter night and the trees.
Lotus97 | 07-01-11, 3:04 PM
Thanks, guys. I used an old 4 MP digital camera. I need to get a new one at some point
marius_marquise | 06-29-11, 10:37 PM
OMG, I too agree with can I miss this blog XD.....I loved all especially the winter photo's, which camera do you use?

JusticeUndone | 06-29-11, 3:48 PM
I was thinking the same think as meta!! I like the tree ones too, especially that one taken that looks up, I like that perspective and all the details. What kind of camera do you use?! Really great work!!!
metamorphius | 06-29-11, 2:08 PM
How did I miss this blog?!?!
The photos are really beautiful <3 I particularly like those with trees.
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