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04-19-11, 3:38 AM
I know they're pretty simple but I like them that way. Yes, I still don't know how to make GFX ones. =(
Order: Earliest to latest.

Posted by k0k0 | 04-19-11, 3:38 AM | 5 comments
k0k0 | 06-10-11, 4:42 PM
Thank you teenoli =D
Yes, GinRan and the kid Shizu ones are my favourites too.

Haha it's nothign compared to some of the sigs here. Just something I do in my free time but has become a past hobby now. Pleased to be of service to you though.

teenoli | 06-06-11, 11:07 PM
I love them all! So pretty. And I agree with the-caffeinated-one, the GinRan sig is amazing :3
I wish I could make stuff like this, but I can't so I'mma pat you on the back *pats* and say Good job k0k0. Chalo ab meray liye bhi banao :P
k0k0 | 04-22-11, 9:04 PM
How can you NOT like baby Shizu and what's-his-name-again?
You suck.

Thanks though!
Chai_ | 04-22-11, 6:14 AM
i dont like the 3rd,4th and 5th ones. Rest are good.
i especially like the Gin & Rangiku. its cute and colorful yet hot and steamy at the same time. >:P
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