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01-16-11, 3:48 PM
It has been to gosh darn long hasn't it! Anyone missed me? Yeah no one? I figured haha xD It really has been a while! I've returned from my leave of absence...or is it league of know I've been quite sure, actually. i have to Google that!
Posted by Craziie_Munkiiez | 01-16-11, 3:48 PM | 4 comments
Rasco | 03-21-11, 9:13 AM
Rasco | 01-17-11, 11:32 AM
soo you havent noticed yet :o
Craziie_Munkiiez | 01-16-11, 6:34 PM
How so my friend?
Rasco | 01-16-11, 5:51 PM
Things have changed here at mal