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12-26-10, 10:54 PM
as you can read, i'm lack in deciding which anime or manga should i watch or i read, if you have any idea, please give me some advice~

Posted by GoldenMist | 12-26-10, 10:54 PM | 5 comments
Linethe | 01-20-11, 9:57 AM
try watching Fairy Tail...It have a lot of action...^^
GoldenMist | 01-08-11, 3:56 PM
oh, ok then, i'll try to watching bleach ^^

thank you for your suggestion ^^
SilentSympathy | 01-07-11, 11:44 PM
Did you already think about watching/reading Bleach?
Since you like both KHR and Naruto (Me too :D) you should try watching Bleach. :P
GoldenMist | 01-06-11, 9:15 PM
actually i don't have any idea what i want to watch or read right now.

maybe action :D
SilentSympathy | 12-31-10, 7:41 AM
What kind of anime/manga do you want to watch/read?

Romance, action, horror, magic, supernatural ect.
Then I will try to give you some suggestions. ^^
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