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11-28-10, 8:06 AM

1st Anime: Sailor Moon
1st Completed Anime in English Dub: InuYasha
Most Rewatched Anime - D.Gray-man/Princess Tutu/KHR
Longest Anime Watched (Completed) - Bleach
Longest Anime Watched (On-Going) - One Piece
Anime w/ Most Seasons: Slayers

1st Manga: D.Gray-man
1st Manga Completed: Tsubasa Chronicles
Longest Manga Read (Completed) - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Longest Manga Read (On-Going) - D.Gray-man

1st Light Novel: Sword Art Online
1st Light Novel Completed: {?}
Longest Light Novel Read (Completed) - {?}
Longest Light Novel Read (Ongoing) - Sword Art Online

1st Anime to Make Me Cry: Chrono Crusade
# of Animes I've Cried on: 4
(Chrono Crusade, Code Geass R2, Rurouni Kenshin: Seisouhen, Nabari no Ou)

Top 3 Studios:
Not in a Particular Order
1. Ghibli
2. Pierrot
3. J.C.Staff

100th Anime: Elemental Gelade (?)
200th Anime: Seiken no Blacksmith (?)
300th Anime: Kuragehime (June 2012)
400th Anime: Log Horizon (October 2014)
500th Anime: {?}

100th Manga: Card Captor Sakura (March 2012)
200th Manga: Vahlia no Hanamuko (February 2013)
300th Manga: {?}

100 Days of Anime: 08/28/13
200 Days of Anime: --/--/--
100 Days of Manga: --/--/--

Total "Episodes" Watched: 7,221
Total "Chapters" Read: 10,432
{October 8, 2014}

Bucket List

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