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09-26-10, 4:08 PM
So, I've been told that I'm NOT normal by lots of people. Now, my parents think I'm a freak and want to send me for counseling. What the heck is wrong? Then, they tell me they want to cut my internet access and thus will unsubscribe the broadband plan.
Really, what is wrong? I don't like to go out with them to some stupid shopping mall, walk around and do nothing. What is wrong with that? I don't like to go out with my classmates because our interests are totally contrasting. What's wrong with that? I don't like to watch Chinese dramas with them because i find them long-winded and stereotypical. What's wrong with that? I don't sleep at the same timings as them on holidays, because I like my freedom, and only sleep when I'm sleepy. What's wrong with that? I don't like to go to their temple with them and pray to some god or stuff that i don't even believe in. What's wrong with that? Also, I don't like to spend my money on bad school canteen food or catch movies and stuff. What's wrong with that?
I'm perfectly sane, and know what I'm doing. So why in the world does everyone think I have an unstable mentality, am insane, is weird and shit like that?

Posted by Restia | 09-26-10, 4:08 PM | 1 comments
TexKlanZ | 09-29-10, 1:34 PM
Lol, that's not normal. But, On a second thought, it is NORMAL. :D

I'm similar to you by most of the things you said above.

One thing for example:
(I don't want to go shopping and do nothing because it wastes my time. What's wrong with that?) XD
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