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08-25-10, 8:27 PM
Oh god.
I called up Video-Pro yesterday, the service centre took forever to pick up. Had to try for a few times, at different times.
So the guy picked up, and he was telling me that i had to go straight down to the distributor instead of going to their showroom / service center.
What a bunch of lies they had told me. When I had bought the parts, the salesman still proudly said that i could go to them even after the initial week's 1 to 1 exchange, and they'll exchange for me.

Now i have to take the MRT for 13 stations, change a bus, then walk 500m into some industrial park building. I wouldn't even be able to get an exchange that day itself for sure.
Gonna call Wiz Technologies later to confirm whether i can get an exchange or something later.

On the other hand, i passed my english. :o
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