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08-19-10, 7:54 AM
English paper was difficult, the teacher lied to me.
She was like, if you did my practice papers, you'll find the paper extremely easy.
But, the actual paper was hell, literally.
Comprehension questions were crazy, loads of 'explain what the author meant' and the passage wasn't straight forward, loads of implications.
Summary was even worse, had only 20 minutes left, barely finished.

Social studies was ridiculous, 45 minutes for 3 questions.
Originally i planned for 15 minutes each question, but then i spent too much time on the United Nations question and then didn't have much time for the ethnic management one.
That lost me at least 6 marks.
Well, hopefully i can pass.

TL;DR : I screwed up, FUUUUUUUU-
On the other hand, 2 down, 7 to go.
Now to read more physics so i wouldn't get royally screwed by the paper, heard it was challenging as well.

Life sucks, it really does.

PS : Minna was awesome in Strike Witches 2. Like, killing a neuroi with pantsu, that's fucking GOD TIER.
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