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01-21-12, 11:26 PM

me,myself and I in 150 questions!

name: vivi, not the full name though, don't wanna reveal my true name in the internet except anyone i trust :)
nickname: just call me anything you wish :D
birthday: 8th february xD
race: half malay, half chinese xD
nationality: malaysia
height: 150+, i'm so short =.=
weight: well, i'm not skinny nor fat, just average >D
hair: black ~
eyes: sorta brownish :)
any piercings?: does ears count? :D
tattoos?: nah, makes me look unattractive :PP
any siblings?: yeah, 3, i'm the second one :)
what do you like to wear?: anything that suits my taste :DD


book?: i don't read books, only manga xDD
color?: blue and black, they're awesomeness xD
movie?: i don't watch movie much :P
celebrity?: let's see .. i don't think i have favorite ones xP
place?: home, only when i can relax and don't have to be stressful thinking of lots of stuffs :P
food?: fried rice i think :D
dessert?: i like all types of dessert especially desserts with chocolate flavor xD
alcoholic drink?: i don't drink ~
non-alcoholic drink?: i drink anything :D
day of the week?: let's see, saturday. only when the day doesn't have school :PP
number?: 8
month?: november coz the school's out! I can relax myself to my heart's content xD
city?: umm let me think about it xD
country?: hmm.. japan, coz it got lots of anime xD
animal?: neko-chan to usagi-chan kawaii desu!! >_<
time of the day?: a day when i have the house for myself and relaxing while at it xD
smell?: perfumes i guess :P
tv channel?: animax eventhough it had been cut from subscription, so sad :((
song at the moment?: hmm.. to much to be mention xD
friend?: no need to mention i guess coz you don't know anyways :P


place to be?: in a smelly place or crowded place
time of the day?: when its time for school but didnt even finish any single homeworks i guess [though i never care about it] xP
day of the week?: definitely monday, coz its the start of the school week
song/music gender?: sh**y song with stupid or no meaning
animal to you?: cockroaches, really really hate it!!
drink?: well, veggies based drink coz i don't eat veggies! >_<
food?: something expired or suck[y] cooking that tasted like shi* xP

*have u ever...*

been so drunk that you cant remember?: never, i don't drink :P
cheated: never, i'm kind lolol xDD
been cheated on?: nah, cheat on me, you'll die, jkjk xPP
been in love?: oh, not sure myself :PP
been on TV?: nah, don't wanna be in on tv ;P
stolen anything?: kinda, when i was a child xD
been on stage?: i prefer not to :P
passed out?: i would like to try once xD
had a surgery?: that sounds scary :O
broke the law intentionally?: i do that most of the times xD
had a friend pass away?: nah, i would be sad ;(
been lied?: who knows? ;P
been dumped?: lol should i just say that i'm the one who dumped people xPP

*do you...*

do drugs?: nooo o_o
get drunk?: i don't drink
dance?: what? wanna see my robot dance? xP
party?: oh, sometimes
sing?: only when i'm alone ;D
play an instrument?: no, i'm just sucks at it xP
get along with your parents?: yeah i think ;D
think you are attractive?: hmm.. what should i say? xP
swear?: huh? swear what?
smoke?: nope, it's not good for your health! xD
get motion sickness?: nope only car sickness
wear contacts/glasses?: nah, my eyes is good [not really, i just hate wearing glasses] xP
get good marks?: yeah accept maths :P
watch cartoon?: yuppiez xD
drink milk :3 ?: nooo! i hate milk >_<
write poems/stories?: nah, i just hate doing it -_-
take a particular medicine?: nah, only when i caught fever
go to psycholog?: what? do you think i have a mental problem? that's harsh :'( [XDD]
have a pet?: i do, i love them, they're so cute!! xDD
are you allergic to something?: umm .. to dust? xD
play an online rpg?: yeah, i love playing rpg xD
get online on msn a lot?: i don't have it :P
google a lot?: yeah, everyday xD
have fights?: of course ;P
read magazines?: i do, just only when it have interesting article xD
read comics?: yeah, i read a lot *_*
how many hours do you sleep?: lemme see, about 7-8 hours i think ^^
how frequently do you go to hairdresser?: only when i want to cut my hair :P
get along with your teachers?: yup, i do xD


What's your preferred genre of music?: pop xD
All-time favorite band/artist?: i don't have favorite, i just listen to them all
All-time favorite song?: i don't think i have one, there's just too many songs i like *_*
How many CDs or MP3s of your favorite band/artist do you have?: none, i'm saving up my money xD
What's your favorite radio station?: i don't really listen the radio :P
rock?: just slow rock xD
blues/jazz?: umm.. nah
classical?: sometimes :D
rap?: rare xP
pop?: likes it a lot xD
country?: sometimes :)
emo/screamo?: nah
heavy metal?: o_o
techno?: sorta :D
reggae?: what kind of music is this? never heard of it :O
r&b?: its okay xD


time you cried?: i'm not a person who can shed tears easily so i think its a long time ago
movie you watched?: does anime movie counted? xD
person you talked on the phone?: my friend of course, don't think i have to mention
cigarette?: i don't smoke, not good for your health!
song played?: well, anime song :P
thing you ate?: my dinner xD
time you took a bubble bath?: don't remember, i only had a regular bath ;P
time you got drunk?: i never drunk xD
time you read a book?: just a moment ago but i don't read, just take a flip xD
email you get?: i got e-mail almost everyday :D
person you got a fight?: well, i had a fight too many times till i don't even remember whose the last one xP
time you hugged someone?: its rare for me so, i don't really remember :P
time you kissed someone?: uh? what question is this? xD
time you met someone new?: don't remember, well, if unknown person is counted then i met them everyday xP
time you went for a date?: again? what's with the question? xP

*do you believe in...*

God?: yup
religions?: yup
aliens?: nah
ghosts?: sorta
afterlife?: nah
yourself?: umm.. sorta :P
astrology?: yup
karma?: not really
magic?: not really

*in a girl/boy*

hair: shiny black xD
eyes: black *_*
hobbies: i don't care xP
style of clothing: *looks at my favorite characters* *see the number one favorites* yes! that's it! someone who dress like him xD
kiss on first date?: let's see about that ~
love at first sight?: aww sure xP


who do you wanna slap?: anyone arrogant ;P
who do you wanna kill?: the person who first created exams :PP
your dream: dream what? :O
do you want to get married?: hmm.. i'll pass this question :P
love?: oh, i'm actually not interested in such things :PP
i wanna be: an exorcist ;P
all you need is: power ^o^
identy yourself with 3 words:: i'm just crazy xD
what is your worst characteristic?: i'm actually not myself [??] :P
what are your fears?: bugs especially cockroach, they're just disgusting :PP
what is your weakness?: i'm such a lazy girl :PP
favourite quote?: i guess you could say i have none :PP
cartman or kenny?: who the heck is this two? :O
shoes you weared last time?: the one i recently bought xP
what is your aim for this year?: nothing atm, looks like i'm wandering in this world aimlessly :PP

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