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12-16-11, 12:35 PM
The year is finishing and this is the list of animus and mangos that I saw or read.


Mahou shoujo lyrical Nanoha
Otome Youkai Zakuro
Kimi no todoke 2
mohou shoujo madoka magica
suite pretty cure
Arakawa under the bridge
Hell girl futakumori
yes pretty cure 5 and gogo
Blood C
Usagi drop
Tiger & bunny

still watching:
mirai nikki
suite precure


Precure all stars dx3
Yes pretty cure 5 and gogo movie
Whispers of the heart
Kiki delivery service
My neighborhood totoro
Only yesterday
Princess mononoke

mangas I finished or I begin to read:

Vicotrian romance emma
Honey and clover
Hana kimi
Host club

mangas that I still reading and continue uo to next year:

Kaichou wa maid sama!
Kimi ni todoke
Fairy tail
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