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04-16-10, 7:01 PM

my first signature in here..not so good as another..and effects too is bad

i love the picture of hibari and yamamoto here so epic !

i love this signature so much so make me nosebleeds when saw tsuna aww he is so HOT!

i loled at uri .. what a cute cat !!!

Hibari x Fon i love the picture so much !

Hibari honeey + hibird ! love him so much !

vongola family style !love this all black~

hibari-sama in fight !!!!!!

hibari is forever LOVE

sakura and her cuteness !!~

ciel searching his butler !

Posted by aiikyoya | 04-16-10, 7:01 PM | 1 comments
aiikyoya | 01-20-13, 6:15 AM
thank you deaar <3 yeah i love them too ,execially hibari in it <3
Daika-san | 01-19-13, 10:54 PM
Fantastic signatures! *^* Personally, the most I like "hibari-sama in fight" and the one with Ciel. :D
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